Coming Home (Hitta Hem)

Susanne Boll

hitta hem

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Sweden: Damm

Three women are standing at the end of the road - but unexpected encounters can lead to a second chance at the darkest time in life. Coming Home is a standalone sequel to Susanne Boll’s psychological relationship novel The Right Decisions.


Cancer physician Helmi Laine, who fled the country after giving incorrect health diagnoses to their patients, returs to Sweden determined to find the daughter she abandoned thirty years earlier. The only clue available to Helmi is Yvonne , the daughter's alcoholic aunt. In another part of the city thirty year old Dina recovers from a suicide attempt. Reluctantly, she opens up to the world and to the idea that maybe there is something, or someone, that it may be worthwhile to live for. Simultaniously someone is hiding in the shadows. Someone who can not forgive an injustice. Someone who is just waiting for the right opportunity to get revenge.


Again Susanne Boll has created a story where relationships and tension tangle up. And, as the reader, you are nailed to the sides.



352 pages



Soundtrack to the book by Susanne's own band Keep It Up:


At, Coming Home - the soundtrack





"Stand-alone sequel to The Right Decisions and truly worth reading."




"If you want to read a good book you should read Coming Home. What makes this book so good? Well, it is Susanne's ability to depict people and especially odd individuals. This she combines with an exciting story that makes you want to read further."



"Very good, strong and captivating!"



Author photo by Lars Trangius

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