On the Count of Eternity (Att landa som en trana)

Kajsa Ingemarsson

Ingemarsson_Att landa

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Sweden: LB förlag

On the Count of Eternity - The unlikely scribblings of an immortal


He calls himself The Count, a literally immortal figure, who from his chambers beyond time and space shares his personal experiences from a wide variety of lifetimes. Whether they are about success or failure, short comings, vanity or the sincere strive for truth and beauty, his voice is always one of warmth and empathy. No matter where he finds himself – may it be in ancient Egypt, in the midst of the French revolution or in the pantheon of Gods – he tells his stories with humor, elegance and a pinch of provocation. His wish is to help, to guide and show us how even the most cumbersome of ways will eventually lead to enlightenment.

On The Count of Eternity is a thought provoking fantasy. It is as entertaining as it is filled with hope, love and timeless wisdom.






Coming soon - release November 2020