Let me Tell you Everything (Låt mig berätta allt)

Caroline Säfstrand


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Sweden: Forum



First part in a new series - The Island of Secrets.

Ulrica has decided to spend the holidays on Ven, the idyllic island between Sweden and Denmark. In her bag, she has an old postcard with a mallow flower on it, which she knows connects her to a dark history on the island. In the house above lives Bea, whose life has stopped. On the radio, Bea hears a scientist talking about how all people carry thirteen secrets, five so secret that we never tell anyone. When she meets Ulrica, it's something that makes Bea wonder if the tourist is really there for the beautiful nature or if it's something else entirely that brought her there. For both women, life has been turned upside down, but perhaps a voice from the past can lead them on new paths.


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