Small One-Bed Apartment With Potential (Liten tvåa med potential)

Camilla Davidsson

Liten tvåa_HR

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Sweden: Printz Publishing

Sofia is a city girl who knows what she wants, for most of the time. Appearance and control is important. She has a handsome, successful boyfriend, a well payed job within investment banking and has recently bought a small two bedroom apartment at a nice address in Stockholm. It would all be perfect if it wasn’t for the fact that the apartment needs to be renovated, all her late nights at work, her impossible boss and her parents divorce.


When the handyman who is about to start renovating the apartment shows up, more than half an hour to late, he doesn’t come off as reliable and Arvid will, to Sofia’s great irritation, very specific opinions about things.


Arvid starts questioning Sofia’s life choices and things begin to crack in the otherwise perfect facade that she portrays towards the world. When Sofia in a weak moment promises to do him a favor it will have unexpected consequences.


Small One-Bed Apartment is a feelgood novel with both hope and despair that takes place in the luxurious parts of Stockholm and the snowed in cabins in Dalarna. It's about finding yourself and to dare to take a leap and prioritize the things that are really important in life.




300 Pages



Reviews on Camilla's previous books: 


"Straight forward and honest about how tricky life can be at times, and love. "




"Still feel-good, but with a depth that intensifies the whole reading experience. More sorrow, more joy, more of everything." BOKHUSET



"This is without a doubt the best feel good novel this summer. Perhaps Emma will finally receive the love and comfort she has searched after for a long time" / Bokparet, blogg


"I absolutely love the book. Can’t stop thinking about it! Rating 5 out of 5. "
/ Jennies boklista


"Everything feels so authentic! And it is wonderfully entertaining!" / Fru E:s Böcker


"The angels Dance at Dawn goes directly to my year's favorites, just like the previous parts, and it will not take too long before I read the whole trilogy again.
This trilogy is a must! READ IT!"
/ Boklysten


"This book follows the other two previously released and becomes a total winner. It's a page-turner without equal.
A film version of the three books would be wonderful, because that would lead to nothing else but a success."
/Autumn Leaf


"The books are really absorbing, the characters are so well depicted. Easy to read and highly recommended.""
/ Bims blog


"Davidsson writes incredibly straight and honest. One night I even had to take a break from reading. The words hit me right in the heart, so that I could not stop the tears from coming."
/ Vargnatts bokhylla




"There is so much going on around Emma, but mainly the action is going on inside of her when she tries creating the best possible life for herself. There is a lot of disturbance, many twists and turns and I admit to having previously been a bit shameful yet curious to follow Emma in the choices she makes and to see how everything will turn out.  It's easy to get stuck. But I see a change in this book, it's as if something has shifted and I am instead impressed with Emma and how far she has come, she has matured over the course of these books even if she doesn't see it herself. Not that it has necessarily become easier. It's been a true reading experience getting to know her and the emotional storms she has gone through. It gets stuck on me, her journey, because everything seems so real.

I was close to saying that it feels so commonplace, but that is not really what I mean, it's more self recognition and so lifelike with how many sides there are to life and it is deeply touching to read. By a couple of times a few tears found their way down my cheeks and rather often it was difficult to read, because it brings up a lot of thoughts within me, yet I still enjoyed reading it. I basically binge-read it in one sitting and liket it a lot, possible my favorite one about Emma." - Lion's Library, Book blog



Readers reviews


It was completely, completely WONDERFUL!

/Christel Johansson


It is lovely with books you can't put down. I was intending to enjoy if for a week at least, but that didn’t work … Couldn’t let go of it. So god! It leaves me with such a god feeling! Thank you!

/Anna Egebäck


Fantastic! You deliver so much feelings and warmth, and all the settings are so well depicted, it feels like I have been there.

/Marica Petterson


Link to a reader review in Swedish where the reader went back and read the first two novels AGAIN to write a review on the whole trilogy. 


Extract from the review:

"The books contains a lot of recognition, we have all been in situations like Emma is faced with. Not all of us deal with it the same way as Emma does, she hikes the 80 miles long pilgrimage to Santiago the Compostela, a life changing experience." (...)  The trilogy about Emma and her struggle to make the right decisions in life is something we can all identify with. Life is not simple and sometimes we have to make hard choices, that not only affects us but the people around us. Camilla Davidsson describes this very well. And what could have been books that lectures us has instead become three darling good reads with lovely descriptions of surroundings and nice characters. (...) It's hard to let go of Emma and her life, and her life choices brings out both frustration, makes me annoyed and happy at the same time. "