The Wheel of Fortune

Kajsa Ingemarsson


Rights sold

Denmark: Palatium Books

Finland: Otava

Germany: Krüger

Norway: Gyldendal Norsk

Sweden: Norstedts (hardcover), Månpocket (paperback), Norstedts Audio (audio book)

The Wheel of Fortune is a story about turning points and about the paths that lead us ahead, sometimes in completely unexpected directions. A great and mindful read that proves how we with very small adjustments can change our lives to the better.


In an idyllic suburban area outside of Sävesta, a small town in the heart of Sweden lives Miriam, Nina and Ellinor – three women of different ages and in different phases of their lives. Miriam is a housewife with two adult children. Nina is a hairdresser and a divorced single mother with a teenaged son. Ellinor is a young lawyer on maternity leave who has just moved to Sävesta, where her husband has taken an attractive job. Life is calm and seemingly uneventful. Then a mysterious woman with strange habits moves into one of the neighbouring houses, which causes the three women to band together.


Ellinor – who spends most of her days pushing a baby carriage – suddenly notices that Miriam’s house has grown still and quiet? When she knocks at the door she learns that Miriam’s husband Frank has unexpectedly left her for another woman. Together, Ellinor and Nina try to step in and support Miriam, who is feeling completely lost. In an unforeseen way, the new neighbour, who calls herself Janina, assumes a crucial role, not only for Miriam, but for Nina and Ellinor as well. And a trip to Stockholm becomes an important turning point for each of them – it gives them the opportunity to think about the whims of fortune and what they really want to do with their lives.


409 pages






"Kajsa Ingemarsson is smart and has humor. She writes books about ordinary people which ordinary readers can recognize themselves in. That is quite unusual today.”


"Kajsa Ingemarsson writes with skill… It is easy to read and it is entertaining…”


"A well written and entertaining feelgood-novel..."


"Very much warmth and humor. This is Kajsa Ingemarsson’s best!"

Läckberg & Rudberg, Tv4+

"... Kajsa Ingemarsson manages it all. She masters the feelgood genren. There is no discussion The Wheel of Fortune is a well written piece of handicraft..."

Katrineholms Kuriren

"With a real flair for everyday issues and relations, Kajsa tells the story of the three women’s life and relations."


"It is ordinary people with ordinary lives. Things happen between the lines, little things that change everything. Events that make the women stand up straight. And this is probably why this book can be very encouraging – it is realistic!”

Gefle Dagblad

"The Wheel of Fortune is entertaining to read.  Kajsa Ingemarsson has the talent to give her characters their personal nuance.”

 Blekinge Läns Tidning

"Her driven and efficient language is a perfect tool."

Värmlands Folkblad