The Naked Truth

Angela Ahola


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The ultimate betrayal?

For many getting cheated on is the ultimate betrayal, yet infidelity affects a third of all adults. Despite being a source of guilt and shame, it’s all around us, no matter how taboo. When doctor of psychology and relationship expert Angela Ahola found herself affected by it, she set out to make sense of why it happens and what it tells us about human nature.

The Naked Truth is a case study about why we cheat and what it can teach us. While related books discuss how we can heal or rebuild trust after an infidelity has surfaced, Angela was more interested in exploring the inner reasoning and motivations behind these betrayals of loyalty. Over the course of several years, she undertook a series of deep interviews with active cheaters, investigating their urges, justifications, and emotional journeys. These accounts get woven together with the latest scientific research and her own heart-wrenching trek, resulting in a conceptually stimulating book that reads like a thrilling novel while still chock-full of reliable knowledge.


Dr Angela Ahola about the book:

“This journey, towards understanding infidelity, has been among my most intense. The stories you will experience are the open, naked truth. They’re emotionally charged, dramatic, and feature unexpected twists. I’m convinced that you’ll be as surprised as I’ve been.”


316 pages


Reader Reviews: 

"Incredibly interesting to get these three different perspectives. Gives you a good sense of why things happen as they do" - Jonna


"Probably one of the best books I've read about problematic and complex relationships" - Mattias


"Best book you can pick on the subject of infidelity. Both for the science part and research behind it but also for the personal stories - their feelings thoughts and life that we get to take part in. " - S L


"One of the most important books I've ever read! THANK YOU. I finally understand why my wife cheated" - Anonymous