When the Snow Falls

Carin Hjulström


Rights sold


Sweden: Forum



Christmas preparations are in full swing at the plant school Säbyholm's green fingers, run by former  actress Siri Ehrensvärd and her nephew Anton, and the shop is filled with Christmas roses, amaryllis and wreaths. At the retirement home nearby, Lucia is celebrated with a song from the local pre-school. Soon you discover that a precious work of art has disappeared - and you can state that the security around the work was almost non-existent. When more reports of art thefts come in, the police officer Olle Magnusson starts an investigation and Siri and Anton are drawn into the case as usual. At the same time, the lady of the castle, Viveca Lagercrantz, wants to plan for Christmas and this year she wants to celebrate a big Christmas together with the family - which suddenly also includes Siri and Anton...


Part 4 - a Shortnovel in Carin Hjulström's cozy crime series Säbyholm's green fingers were readers are met with sudden death in a castle environment in a true "Whodunnit" storytelling.