If Only We Could Switch Bodies With Each Other (Om vi bara kunde byta kroppar med varandra)

Johanna Nilsson


Rights sold

Sweden: Rabén&sjögren




Kung B is seventeen and lives in a storage room in Liljeholmen, Stockholm. Thrown out, frozen out and hanged out. The only thing he managed to bringwith him from home was a pair of sandwiches from his mum and a cold text from his dad. Before this his name was Bella. But it was never him.

Queen O has been living under ground for several years. She is from Iran and doesn't have the rights to stay in Sweden. No protection. The government doesn't pay any attention to the fact that her own family tried to drown her.  She will be forced to return. And in Iran there is a death penalty to be like her, to be born in the wrong body.

During a few hot and intense weeks of summer we get to follow their lives in Stockholm. They party, cry, make love, steal wallets and end up in fights. But all the time anxiety is luring in the background: What will become of us, why do they not want us? If only we could switch bodies with each other.



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