The Guest House at the End of the World

Camilla Davidsson


Rights sold

Sweden: Printz publishing (previously Bladh by Bladh)

Denmark: Palatium Books

For the pilgrims who walk the thousand year old pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela there is a saying - that the real Camino begins when you return home. Despite all good intentions, life changes are hard to realize. For Emma the long walk has lead her to approach life in a new way, but will she be able to make the necessary changes once back at home?


“The Guest House at the End of the World” continues where “Under the Stars of the Milky Way” ended. The stressed-out career women Emma has left a failed love affair and escapes the world by taking the long pilgrimage walk on the famous Camino to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. The hard trek got Emma to dream of a more harmonious existence.


Back in Stockholm an irresistible job offer and a number of unread messages from Eric is awaiting. Eric, the American who a few months earlier left her for another woman, wants to see her again in London. Emma quickly falls back into old habits with a crowded agenda and sleepless nights, while also building up new expectations in the relationship to Eric. Instead of leading to love, the trip starts a negative spiral that hurls Emma back into the darkness, she wanted to leave behind.


From an unexpected quarter Emma gets help to once again get away from it all. From the first moment she sets foot on Fårö, the barren and beautiful Island on the northern top of Gotland, Sweden, she can breathe again. The place is so different from everything Emma has ever seen, it could have been the end of the world. She rents a small cottage and gets a new friend in the 20 years older doctor Olle. The summer on Fårö leads to new friendships and sealed and buried feelings are given new life. When the handsome Alex enters the scene, it all seems to fall into place.


328 pages


Link to a reader review in Swedish where the reader went back and read the first two novels AGAIN to write a review on the whole trilogy. 


Extract from the review:

"The books contains a lot of recognition, We have all been in situations like Emma is faced with. Not all of us deal with it the same way as Emma does, she hikes the 80 miles long pilgrimage to Santiago the Compostela, a life changing experience." (...)  The trilogy about Emma and her struggle to make the right decisions in life is something we can all identify with. Life is not simple and sometimes we have to make hard choices, that not only affects us but the people around us. Camilla Davidsson describes this very well. And what could have been books that lectures us has instead become three darling good reads with lovely descriptions of surroundings and nice characters. (...) It's hard to let go of Emma and her life, and her life choices brings out both frustration, makes me annoyed and happy at the same time. "