The Oyster Diver's Secret (Sanningen om ostrondykerskan)

Caroline Säfstrand


Rights sold

Denmark: Alpha

Germany: Blanvalet

Sweden: Forum



A feelgood novel about friendship, courage and the search for the truth. When the author Inez Edmark's neighbor with a healthy lifestyle suddenly passes away, she decides on two things - to clean up her house so that her daughter won’t have to go through all her stuff and to write her last book. Not a novel this time though – instead it will be a personal confession: The Oyster Diver's Secret. When Inez falls and injures her hip, she is forced to hire the cleaning lady Meja, who will help her clean and sort through the house for some weeks. Inez's only rule is that Meja may not under any circumstances open the blue folder that contains her manuscript. The meeting between Inez, who is in her autumn years and must reconcile with her past, and the lost Meja, who is looking for a future, have unforeseen consequences. Will the two women, despite their differences, be able to help each other?


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