A Storm at Christmas Time (En storm i juletid)

Camilla Davidsson


Rights sold

Denmark: Palatium books

Sweden: Printz Publishing





Christmas is approaching and the entire city of Stockholm is preparing for the forthcoming holidays. Alice is usually a major fan of everything that sparkles and all the light decorations, but this year is different. She is having a hard time getting over the big betrayal that she was exposed to last Christmas and therefore she is hiding away in her tiny sublet apartment.


In order to still make ends meet while in hiding she is working as a freelance editor taking on aspiring authors and helping them with their manuscripts. A job pretty far away from the promising career she had built before everything that went down last year. Since the bank account is near empty, she takes on an assignment against her will helping the renowned crime writer Samuel Engman with his new script. He has decided to write Feel-good for the first time and is struggling with writing the new genre.


As Christmas gets closer Alice starts to soften up, but will she be able to put last year’s betrayal behind and start trusting people again?



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