The Vineyard for Wild Dreams (Vingården för vilda drömmar)

Caroline Säfstrand

vingården för vilda drömmar

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Lost dreams become wild dreams when the path of four strangers becomes intertwined at a vineyard in Skåne.

Veronica leaves her husband, the apartment on Södermalm and her job as an accountant. She doesn’t know where she is headed; she only knows she must get away. In the town of Arild, 560 kilometers further south, Marcus puts up the sign “Room for Rent.” Another attempt to get the finances going at the vineyard that his grandpa left for him to care for.

At the same time Lilly is alone in her apartment in Helsingborg and she quietly observes the life that goes on outside her window. In no way could she have guessed that a young woman who just left her life in Stockholm would come to change everything.




350 pages




"This book is a true pearl. A dedication to both the billowy fields of Kullabygden as well as to the genre that it represents. It's heart warming, feels intimate, sparks with hope and makes my fictive list of friends grow larger... the only problem is I can't stop reading and when reality bangs on my door I can't allow it in 'please hold, I'm at the Vineyard for Wild Dreams'... I'm enjoying every single page and when I'm done the book carries me on. For me that is the signature of Caroline Säfstrand's writing - the books continue to carry me and live inside me for a long time after reading them. You know just what to expect after a book by Säfstrand: a big heart, unexpected meetings that open up doors within the characters and the reader who is as hopeful about change and renewal." @carolinesbokhylla, book blog


"A warm and emotional read about finding your way back to love, laughter and joy. About daring to fulfill your dreams and be true to yourself. The Vineyard for Wild Dreams has sad tones, but it is also a tribute to humanities amazing ability to strive for change." - BTJ, Library service no 14