100 Dates

Dr Angela Ahola


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Finland: Minerva Kustannus

Sweden: Sapiens


The psychologist who kissed 100 frogs in order to create the perfect dating guide

After throwing herself blindly into the dating jungle, Doctor of Psychology Angela Ahola has cracked the code.

Countless interviews with singles, 10,000 matches on dating apps, and over 100 personal dates – all backed up by the latest scientific research – have laid the groundwork to this invaluable handbook filled with pragmatic tips.

100 DATES is your new travel guide to the world of dating, teaching you its hidden signals and rules. Have you found ”The One”? How do you stand out, create chemistry, and avoid getting friendzoned? Racy photos – how do you manage that? Which texts keep that fire alive, and how should you time your responses? How soon should you meet up again so that everything doesn’t run out in the sand?

100 DATES reveals the secrets to optimizing your attractiveness, both online and IRL. Learn which personalities clash and which click, how alike should you be, and how to spot signals that your date will never commit (even if it seems they will at first). Daters come in three varieties, and one ought to be avoided – learn the dangers of choosing the wrong partner. And why we even look for a someone in the first place?

This book consists of four parts: Pre-Date, Mid-Date, Post-Date, and Beyond-Date; Beyond-Date provides you with the most reliable, useful, and scientifically up-to-date relationship advice currently available, revealing how you can create a wonderful partnership with that special someone.

Take control of your game.




259 pages