12 Keys to a Magical Life

Kajsa Ingemarsson


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Sweden: LB förlag

Unlock the power to inner Peace, purpose and prosperity by living a magical life

This book is an inspiring and tangible help for those who are looking for a deeper meaning in existence. It focuses on helping the reader understand and open up to "a magical life" by following twelve keys or advice. Each key is linked to a magical formula designed to activate and unlock a specific "portal." It suits those who are curious about their own potential and who want to find contact with the magical dimension of life. It mixes the concrete with the esoteric and emphasizes the importance of the right intention and personal involvement for the magic to work. A continuous dialogue with a symbolic "Wizard" serves as a guide or mentor through the text.

In the book, you get to share the author's experiences and advice on how to create a magical life filled with enriching experiences, meaningful encounters and a deep sense of inner peace. The book's twelve keys lead you on an inward journey where you are guided to take care of yourself, to make room for stillness and to follow your dreams. You are also encouraged to accept coincidences and accept what is, as well as show courage and give back to the world.

References to profound voices such as Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Elizabeth Gilbert, Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle.


216 pages



” Without her curiosity and great interest in what governs man's search for the meaning of life, and thus for inner peace, her writing would not have reached the literary and philosophical clarity she shows in her new book… It is a contemplative read, a philosophical deep dive into the art of living according to the rules of wisdom of ancient thinkers interpreted in a new garb of knowledge.” - Ragnhild Oxhagen, Ölandsbladet Magazine


“A book I want to rush through - and hold on to, at the same time. What a hopeful and life-affirming companion to a book you have created; both a friend when the direction in life fails and a compass to follow the heart's path to a life where gratitude, light and trust carry. Say, what else could be needed in this now?”  Carolines Bokhylla


“I have enjoyed myself through it as I like your way of writing so much, and even though I have read some before about many of the "keys" in other books, I have deepened my knowledge and gained some new insights. There is something about the way you put everything together that makes things fall into place within me, you make it simple and clear and magical at the same time!”  Jessica Hedin, Ängadalen


"A book in which Kajsa formulated her experiences of spiritual search and personal development in 12 concrete pieces of advice, or keys, to make it clear that there are steps we can all take to feel better, experience meaning and be in sync with life."

"I am so grateful for all the fantastic books that Kajsa Ingemarsson has written, that she has dared to go that way. Because it is not always easy to choose those paths. /.../ I admire her courage, I admire what she has done”

“This book, 12 Keys to a Magical Life, is an amazing book and I love that she has mixed in the magic. I love when the fairy tale is allowed to enter our everyday life. I think we need more magic and fairy tales. We need hope and light. /.../ I think it's fantastic! /.../ For me, this fits perfectly.
/Agneta Sjödin, podcast "Så in i själen"


"A MAGICAL book! I don't even know how to explain this book... It's absolutely amazing. Totally amazing.  /.../ It's really not just a book. It is much more than that. When I closed the cover again and had read the last paragraph, I just sat and cried. The tears just flowed. They didn't stop flowing, I soaked my shirt in tears. It was like some kind of ... total .... Someone saying I know what you're going through. You put it into words. It just lands inside me. It's not difficult things, but it's so hard to put it into words, to get clarity about it for yourself. And you do it absolutely magically in this book. It will be so incredibly liberating. It was like tears of relief and a sense of belonging. Also a huge gift to have been able to share that book and what you write in the book. I am so incredibly grateful for this book." - Jessica Hedin, podcast "Hela människan"


Reader comments:


“The book is a portal into the world of magic. I love it, feel the charge in it and that it will make a big difference to every reader. Fantastic!”

“Fantastic book! Kajsa has really collected all her knowledge and insights in an easy-to-understand way. She sort of washes out the most essential and presents it in a very clear way. Thanks for a wonderful and inspiring read!”

“In this book we are given guidance to open up our minds and live a more present life. I will have 12 Keys to a Magical Life on my nightstand to be able to start each day with some words of wisdom and then carry these keys with me throughout the day.”

“Kajsa Ingemarsson's way of packaging the words and wisdom appeals to me enormously. Things sort of fall into place somehow.”

“Reading the book right now and am filled to the brim, thanks for a life-affirming and grounding wow read!”



"I know it will follow me through life as a safe friend."
I'm trying to find the words. Because I feel like this book deserves the finest of words.
But I can't say anything other than - READ IT.
This book is…
...a warm hug
...a friendly reminder
….wise as a book
...for those of you who want to live more in your own truth
...a friend who will follow you through life
…the change you need in your life.
To you who yearn for more meaning and understanding of why you need to take care of (and face) your inner self. This book is what you want (and need) to read.
Thank you, dear Kajsa Ingemarsson, for writing this and for simplifying something that is difficult for many to grasp. Thank you for wanting me to read it. Your book is already a favorite (and soon a classic!)
/"Freeing Coaching" (Felizia Uggla)