Maria Borelius


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Sweden: HarperCollins

Tired, stressed, worn-out? Was this really how life was meant to turn out? Research shows that nurturing your inner garden is a biological necessity. It’s not only exercise and food that makes us feel good – it’s also resting and the enjoyment deep within.

It’s about awe. Recent studies show that positive “wow feelings” make us heal deep down. Large experiences in nature, music or art, close human interactions, spirituality, doing something good for others and large sport experiences where we get to cheer on our own teams.

Health Revolution and Bliss have together sold more than 200 000 copies, and been distributed in 14 countries. Now Maria Borelius continues her anti-inflammatory journey and dives into the wondrous subject that has amazed both her and the readers. She heads out on a pilgrimage, travels to India to an Ayurveda camp, swims in winter waters, tries mini-fasting, listens to opera and meets scientists all over the world who all specialize in the large positive feelings’ effect on our deepest healing. She also dives into the opposite of awe – stress – and ends up with the tech entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and the heart doctors in Stockholm, and learns the difference between light and dark awe. You’ll also learn all the new techniques, such as JOMO – “the joy of missing out” – and 29 other keys to creating more awe in your life.


429 pages