Britta's Inheritance (Brittas arv)

Eleonore Holmgren

brittas arv

Rights sold

Denmark: Alpha

Finland: Minerva

Sweden: Bazar



The long-awaited sequel to the successful debut The Last Summer is about the tracks a beloved person leaves behind.

When Adam returns to Lindö for the first time since Britta's funeral, nothing is the same. Her children have not found a will and everyone disagrees with everyone. Karlsson has left Lindö, a house has burned down, and strange things have started to happen in the area.

Although the relationship with his girlfriend Sara is shaky, it was an obvious choice for Adam to go there. He tries to make everyone friends again and cherish the memory of Britta. Instead he ends up in bad weather and his criminal life comes back to haunt him. He wants nothing better than for Britta's legacy to live on on Lindö, but how high of a price is he willing to pay?

300 pages


Reviews on part 1 The Last Summer

"Touching, fun and filled with summer vibes!" - Expressen

“I have laughed, cried and just enjoyed the experience of reading this fantastic book. I read the last 100 pages with care because I did not want it to end." - Puppies and Books, book blog

“Impressive debut novel - I wish it was longer! The story has a perfect balance between seriousness and humor plus it is rich and well-written. … You are sucked into the beautiful summer feeling - the smells, the grass under your feet and days on the countryside. This is a relationship novel with great warmth that also feels very real! Highest rating." - Annsofie writing life, book blog

“It feels like I'm there! I'm part of the family, one of the friends. I have laughed with Britta, Iris and Adam. I have become angry and frustrated. I have cried with them, but above all I have felt a great joy to be a part of the community!” - Nina's Bookshelf, book blog