One Corpse Too Much

Carin Hjulström


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Finland: Tammi

Sweden: Forum



In this standalone third part of the cozy crime series Säbyholm's green fingers, the area is hit by a strange disappearance. A thirty-year-old woman in military clothes passes the plant school just as the actress Siri Ehrensvärd picks up the newspaper and they exchange a few words. After that, the former elite soldier Maria Storm seems to go up in smoke and the police Olle Magnusson takes the help of Missing People to search through the forests at the same time as a wolf kills some sheep in the area. Björn takes Anton and Cecilia with him to gallop horse competitions and after great drama, he buys, to Cecilia's great happiness, a difficult-to-handle stallion that would otherwise go to slaughter. Anton realizes that if he is to win Cecilia's love, he must overcome his fear of the unpredictable animals. And maybe if he wins, he could use the price money to take Cecilia on a trip with him to Kilimanjaro where his parents went missing. 

Part 3 In Carin Hjulström's cozy crime series Säbyholm's green fingers were readers are met with sudden death in a castle environment in a true "Whodunnit" storytelling.


420 pages




"It's pleasant and scary in a charmingly sprawling mix, where the crimes are also believable." – DN magazine

"The versatile writer, journalist and presenter excels in this genre that really gives rise to the name 'cozy detective' or 'cozy crime'." - Vendela Källmark, UNT

"A Corpse too Much is a charming and exciting book ... This whole series is very worth reading and I look forward to and hope for a sequel." - The book blog Mysteries

"The charm of the series lies in the enchanting descriptions of nature and that it is nice, ordinary people that Hjulström describes. The subtitle 'cozy crime' fits well." - Kristianstadsbladet