The First Time I Saw You

Anna Lönnqvist

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Germany: Insel

Sweden: Norstedts

Norway: Cappelen Damm




Playing the violin is the most important thing in Mira's life. She practices every free moment to reach her big dream. It's the only thing that keeps her from thinking about how everything changed after her mother's death.

William is the son of the famous medical family in Luleå and plays hockey at an elite level. While Mira walks alone, he is constantly surrounded by friends. On the surface, their lives couldn't be more different. When their paths unexpectedly cross, Mira realizes that William is not quite who she thought. But the closer they get to each other, the more uncertain life becomes. And before Mira knows it, she has risked everything she dreamed of.

Fourteen years later, Mira has moved on in life. She works as a violinist in Stockholm and is a substitute in the first violin part of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. She is dating Alessandro, an Italian star violinist and life feels almost perfect. But at the same time that a desirable permanent position in the first meeting is suddenly within reach, everything is once again threatened to change. When she suddenly also runs into William again, she is forced to confront events and memories she has long tried to repress.

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