The Way Home

Eleonore Holmgren


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Denmark: Alpha

Finland: Docendo

Sweden: Bazar



Susanne is sixty plus, has been fired from her job and left by her husband. In addition, she feels increasingly isolated in the large, dilapidated house she inherited from her mother. The childhood paradise of Lindö in the Stockholm archipelago is both cold and desolate in winter. What is she actually doing there?

Fortunately, there are neighbors she can seek comfort from. The old lady Elsa who has always been there for her and Karlsson who recently became the father of twins with all that that means. During a few turbulent months, they all go through major life changes. And when spring finally comes with light and warmth, they are ready to receive all the adventures of the future.

The Way Home is the third part in the beloved Lindö series. A warm relationship novel filled with both humor and darkness.


300 pages



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