Let me Tell you Everything

Caroline Säfstrand


Rights sold

Denmark: Alpha

Germany: Blanvalet

Norway: Bastion

Sweden: Forum


Nominations & Awards

Shortlisted for Best Feelgood of the Year at the Adlibris Awards 2023


First part in a new series - The Island of Secrets.

Ulrica has decided to spend the holidays on Ven, the idyllic island between Sweden and Denmark. In her bag, she has an old postcard with a mallow flower on it, which she knows connects her to a dark history on the island. In the house above lives Bea, whose life has stopped. On the radio, Bea hears a scientist talking about how all people carry thirteen secrets, five so secret that we never tell anyone. When she meets Ulrica, it's something that makes Bea wonder if the tourist is really there for the beautiful nature or if it's something else entirely that brought her there. For both women, life has been turned upside down, but perhaps a voice from the past can lead them on new paths.


350  pages




"Friendship, warmth, compassion and glimpses of humor characterize the relationships and contribute to the hope for a better future that rounds off the story. This is a warm and exciting relationship novel with excellent environmental descriptions and good language. 5 out of 5 ”BTJ library services  no. 10, lecturer Helene Ehriander


"A book that touches, a book about relationships that rub, about not daring to lift the lid and really feel all those troublesome feelings. Let Me Tell You Everything has a rich gallery of characters and the women in the story make an inner and outer journey that can inspire others to dare to feel, achieve change, break patterns and go their own way" - Ellinor Wikman, author

"Caroline Säfstrand writes with such clarity a fantastic family and relationship novel. It's not hard to praise Let me Tell you Everything, once you start it's hard to stop reading.” @marie.ottosson

” I was completely captivated and had a hard time putting the book down. The drive in the language and the story in combination with the short chapters with changing perspectives means that I almost fly through the book." @ihelenasbokhylla

"A magically told story that also makes me think about my family relationships and how I can do to heal what I myself inherited." @karinskatharsis

"It is so vividly, beautifully and warmly portrayed that it is difficult to close the book after the last page. Lucky that there will be more books in the series.” @boktokig

"I've said it before and I'll say it again, no one can write about relationships like Caroline Säfstrand. I snuggle, laugh and ugly cry!” @jessicasbooks_

"I read this book as slowly as I could, and it is a book that lends itself well to that kind of reading." @Malinsbokblog

"An absolutely fantastic story about life's difficulties and destinies. 5/5 in rating.” @boktyckaren

"A nice story about sadness and hidden secrets but also new opportunities, friendship and joy." @bok_stavligt

"This is an incredibly beautiful book where the characters have made a big impression on me. I have enjoyed every page of the book, I have also had a big lump in my throat from all the emotions bubbling under the surface of the incredibly beautiful island of Ven.” -@kustboktanten

"Reading gives a kind of calmness, a calmness with the feeling that everything will be all right in the end." -@millimys_books

"I read a lot but wow...this was one of the best things I've read in a while." -@boktokiga_

"This is a finely tuned and very beautiful story with depth and thought." -@ciasbokhylla