Victim in Tailcoat

Carin Hjulström


Rights sold


Sweden: Forum



Summer has arrive to scenic Säbyholm by Lake Mälaren where Siri Ehrensvärd, celebrated actress, and her nephew Anton run a plant school. The season barely has time to start before disaster strikes and everything changes! At the same time, a young woman reports her new, older husband as missing. A few days later, police officer Olle Magnusson receives a call from Hackholmsund's conference facility where the staff think they see a body floating out in Mälaren. Once there, Olle and his colleague Rita are puzzled that the victim is wearing ... a tailcoat. Soon letters appear at the police station which may be greetings from the killer. In the middle of it all, Siri and Anton are waiting for a visit. Anton's father Svante, who has been missing in Tanzania for many years, is coming home, to the joy of some and the panic of others.


Part 6 In Carin Hjulström's cozy crime series Säbyholm's green fingers were readers are met with sudden death in a castle environment in a true "Whodunnit" storytelling.


350 pages