Screen Smart - 9 Rules

Mattias Ribbing


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China: People's United Publishing

Sweden: Bazar


Our everyday life is stressful and seems to constantly involve checking our phones, answering emails and being accessible to anyone at any time. Are we becoming more stupid through our use of screens or are we developing new abilities?

We need strategies for things we haven’t had a use for before. Even with ambiguous opinions on what digitalization is doing to us we now possess knowledge about what our brain needs in order to feel good. Mattias Ribbing takes a stand where the alarming reports begin and the digitalization mania end. This book will guide you through exciting research and innovative ways to deal with the struggles of everyday life.

It’s about achieving real results and changes were needed. We shouldn’t stop using new technology, we should learn how to get more use out of it.


 9 Rules - for Performance and Well-being in a Digital World 



292 pages





"Literature about our screen behavior and our brains is not a direct shortage. Behavioral changes and strains linked to smartphones, social media and computer use are discussed across the board. Is it really possible to say new and exciting things in this area? YEEES, it turns out! There will therefore be some somersaults, both forwards and backwards. Of sheer joy. This book gives so much." -Eric Hörstadius, Diet Doctor

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"In nine chapters, you get a guide in finding a good balance between today's screen-dense everyday life and your own health in a technology-based world. What we call multitasking and working in open office landscapes is set in the book against the biology of the brain and our human needs. By following the author's explanations, reasoning and summaries, you will simply be Screen Smarter after reading. Mattias Ribbing is a three-time Swedish champion in memory, author, lecturer and brain training expert.

I can really recommend the book to everyone to have a modern conversation. A conversation about how we can find balance in the flow of impressions, in the pandemic meet via the screen and with small changes become as Screen Smart as we can." - Myrthel Hermansson

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