Helena Dahlgren


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Sweden: Forum

A dense and suggestive story about obsession, where the veil between fiction and reality becomes thin indeed. The last few years have been messy for the literary scholar Emma Wijkman, but when she receives a residence scholarship in Norrbotten, she sees her chance to begin again. She will be allowed to live on the farm where her favorite author Beata Skarp lived and worked. There she will finally finish writing her dissertation on Skarp, who died under mysterious circumstances in the late 90s. Once in place, Emma is drawn into Beata Skarp's world even more than she had expected. The more she finds out about Skarp's last period in her life, the more the boundary between Emma and the author become comingled. In the end, only the truth about Beata Skarp's death remains - and the truth about Emma herself.



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