Yesterday's News

Kajsa Ingemarsson

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Rights sold

China: Beijing Hongwenguan Publishing & Planning

Denmark: Palatium Books

Estonia: AS Ajakirjade Kirjastus

Finland: Otava

Germany: DTV

Iceland: Forlagið

Italy: Mondadori Editore

The Netherlands: De Kern

Norway: Gyldendal

Poland: Slowo Obraz

Russia: Fluid

Slovenia: Orbis

Sweden: Forum (hardcover), Månpocket (paperback), Bonnier Audio (audio book), Tre Vänner (filmright on option)

This is a truly charming and funny novel. Agnes has most things in life: a family who are always there for her, a good job in the restaurant industry, a boyfriend who loves her, and a best friend whom she knows inside out. Or does she? All of a sudden things begin to crumble, one by one, and soon nothing is as it was. Her boyfriend Tobias leaves her for a big busted singer, and she is sacked by Gerard, the sexist owner of the restaurant where she works. She gambles everything she has on the success of the newly opened restaurant, but the road to the glowing review which will open the door to fame and fortune has, to say the least, unexpected twists and turns.

This is Kajsa Ingemarsson's third book following the highly successful sales ofOn the Count of Four and Just that Simple, and in Yesterday’s News her comic talent comes into its own. The book sold most of all books in Sweden of all categories during 2005 - over half a million copies!


326 pages


Full english translation available. Translation by Neil Betteridge.




"A good story. Very exciting! Difficult to put down. Unplug the phone; this is not a book you want to be disturbed while reading!"

Söndagsmorgon TV4


"A full-speed-ahead book where life crash lands."



"Yesterday's News is a detailed, observant book with an abundance of cutting phrases. It provides an entertaining insight into Stockholm's nightclub industry as well as a fine portrait of people and destiny in an industrial town wracked by crises… a book that's easy to read but not light weight…"

Skånska Dagbladet


"It's simple without becoming banal. It's readily accessible, easy to read and, above all, touching."

Borås Tidning


"She gives her characters warmth and life by making them so easy to identify with. And that's wonderful. Her use of language is enjoyable and a pure joy to sample."

Nerikes Allehanda


"This is a pleasant novel, easy enough to read and entertaining but also thought provoking. Yesterday’s News  is the perfect book to cuddle up with in the corner of the sofa on a grey, chilly autumn evening."




"Read it! It's good, it's actually a very bright and funny description of Agnes, her family and friends and the life around a restaurant."

Svensk Damtidning


"In Kajsa Ingemarsson, Sweden has found an original author who maintains a high level of quality right across the board."