Broken Legs and Broken Hearts – a Completely Impossible Christmas (Brutna ben och brustna hjärtan - en alldeles omöjlig jul)

Maria Ernestam


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Germany: BTB

France: Gaia

Sweden: LB Förlag

Broken Legs and Broken Hearts – a Completely Impossible Christmas, is a humorous, warm and slightly twisted story about the expectations we have of ourselves and others. It is a story about loneliness and friendship, white and black lies and unconventional tricks to get what you want. And it is about possibly finding love but above all yourself – even in Christmas times.

Things do not really work out for 38-year-old Lisbeth Cederström. She does of course like her little house by the sea, enjoys her work as a teacher and has settled down in Frillesås, a small village on the Swedish west coast where she moved five years ago. And she is single. Which might after all be better than being unhappily in love.

But when Christmas approaches, things turn out for the worse. The headmaster of her school wants her to leave her sports lessons in favour of a male alpine champion.

Her old boyfriend Harry suddenly stands on her doorstep and is tired of his glamorous girlfriend. Her sister Helena wants to give birth to her fourth child at home – much to the agony of her family – and her best friend Sara’s daughter is having trouble with the police.

When her kitchen has to be demolished and get fixed by an unknown craftsman everything seems to go down the drain and on top of that, mum wants to serve the big Christmas meal at eleven o’clock in the morning.




"A mulled wine scented story that attracts much laughter." - Amelia


”Maria Ernestam gets all the details right, her story both subtle and entertaining. About finally, in the middle of life, making your own decision on how to celebrate Christmas. Beautifully written on friendship, seasoned with little pieces of wisdom about life.” - Kerstin Särneö, Tara Magazine


”…that this is a book about teachers and their environment is fun, in a story where lies is an obvious way to solve problems.” - Lotta Olsson, DN


”…loved this book. 5/5” (blogg Systrarna boktokiga)


”…a warm and entertaining story about a woman who lets people bully her but gets tired of always being the one to adapt. Lisbeth’s adventures attract laughters but the story also makes you reflect on life on a deeper level.” - Johannas Deckarhörna, book blog