What She Deserves

Emma Ångström

omslag Det hon förtjänar

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Sweden - Piratförlaget


Against all reason, Fanny is drawn into a passionate relationship with a convicted murderer. Fanny thinks that all people have the right to a second chance and she can't stop thinking about Johan. Someone who writes such warm and loving letters cannot possibly have committed a serious crime. He just doesn't seem capable of doing such a thing. But the love story quickly turns into a nightmare.

Edda Nord works as a communicator at a women's shelter. Through her work, she gets to meet women who live in a completely different reality.

With What She Deserves, Emma Ångström begins a series of suspense novels about the dark sides of human relationships. About how the safest relationship can turn into a destructive one, about how the most mundane thing can become the most dangerous thing you've ever encountered.

Part 1 in the Edda Nord series


370  pages




Coming soon - release in August 2023 in Sweden