An Axe for Alice

Inger Frimansson


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An Axe for Alice is a terrifying kidnapping drama with surprising and ingenious twists. A psychological thriller keeping all nerves tense and the brain alert from beginning to end.


Evelina loves two things in life, her cat Cox and her father. Evelina is a real daddy's girl. Not a mother’s girl. The mother shows to much discontent and it is obvious that the sulky, chubby and prepubertal Evelina is far from being the sweet girl that her mother dreamed of.


Hell breakes loose with a telephone call. Dad answers and someone tells him that Evelina is kidnapped and this someone wantshis life in exchange for her.


There are many things in Evelina’s life her parents doesn’t know. One big secret is how her friendship with the terminally ill Alice has evolved. How Alice gives her increasingly difficult missions, things she is expected to fix. It started as a fun game but turned demanding, tense and scary.But Evelina is not the only one with secrets, it's also a lot that her parents don’t know about each other. The call from a derogated man seeking revenge by kidnapping their daughter, alongside the Cat Cox's disappearance are starters of a range of disastrous events.


Everyone involved is moving on a minefield where the slightest slip can lead to a tragedy. And like everyone knows – paralyzing fear leads inevitable to making mistakes, the big question is – who carries the worst fear – who will make the mistakes …?


350 pages   


English draft by Laura Widerburg is available





"The author leaves no unsolved questions and has the ability to weave it all together to a fascinating final. As always, it is a treat to read Frimansson; her language is so light and easy."

DAST Magazine


"Inger Frimansson is on the same track as Karin Fossum and she chooses to have the main focus on the psychological process and the characters. This doesn't stop the suspense and it gets really suspenseful when the kidnapped Evelina could be set free if her father, the banker, takes his life instead. Gripping, touching and emotional writing."

Upsala Nya Tidning


"According to me Inger Frimansson is Sweden's best psychological thriller author, and this book is no exception. Very suspenseful, wellwritten and in comparison to Läckberg, Jungstedt and Sten, it is not the least predictable!"



"4,5 plus to Inger Frimansson. Swedens No1 psychological thriller writer."

Blog, Blommiga Barbro


"I get the chills. The book is so rich, and it doesn’t bother me, which it sometimes does. Here it rather completes my opinion of a pageturner. If you find yourself tired of crime mysteries this summer, but still want suspense, then An Ax for Alice is a very god suggestion!"



"Frimansson writes with an experienced and skilfull hand, she got the reader with her from beginning to end."

Borås Tidning


"Very exciting the whole way through, and also very intelligent entertainment. Scores 5 of 5."

ICA kuriren


"An impressive and skillfully narrated realistic story."



"Frimansson in brilliant action!"

Värnamo Nyheter