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Fredrik Persson Winter was born in Trollhättan and now lives in Gothenburg on the west coast in Sweden. He is an acclaimed lawyer specializing in IP (intellectual property rights) and a partner in his law firm. When he’s not suited up and working as a lawyer he enjoys the usual things as spending time with family and friends, movies, traveling and reading. He also has the more unusual hobby of gliding and of course he spends time on his passion for writing. So he is a lawyer at day and author at night.


Here is what Fredrik says about his writing:

"My writing is meant to create a space between modern fantasy and a place where the boundaries between both genres and ages are less strict. For me fantasy is a genre that really allows creativity and fascinates with its endless possibilities. It’s really difficult to not get dragged into and to be swept away by the free space it allows, while it also is a way to openly comment and open up discussions about our society today in an interesting perspective. That is why it comes naturally for me to write within this genre that I love. It has become a space where I can contribute with my knowledge and portray it in a way that satisfies the demands and expectations that the readers of this genre has when they choose which books to read.”


Fredrik Persson Winter is one of the founders of the podcast “Fantastik Podd” which specializes in the Sci-fi, fantasy and horror genre in Sweden and Finland and in which they talk about how it is to write within the genre in Swedish. He also has a blog on which he promotes his writing. He has previously released two books for young adults at Bonnier Carlsen. ”You may not know, but death in fact doesn’t play hand ball” (2012) as well as “And Bingo is only for lost souls” (2013).


He is currently working on two projects that we will reveal soon.


Here we have a productive author who has a true passion for his genre and wishes to put Sweden on the map for good quality Fantasy and Sci-fi!


Author’s webpage:



TBD – "The Badger" (Grävlingen), thriller

TBD – “A Reign of a Thousand Suns” (Tusen solars rike), sci-fi

Bibliography Young Adult: 

2013 - “And Bingo is only for lost souls” (Och bingo är bara för de förlorade), YA

2012 - ”You may not know, but death in fact doesn’t play hand ball” – (Du kanske inte vet det, men döden spelar faktiskt inte handboll), YA



Author Photo: Lars Ardarve

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