The Guru in the Pomona Valley

Mikael Bergstrand

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Sweden: Norstedts

Denmark: Modtryk
Finland: Bazar
Germany: btb
France: Gaïa


Finally, Yogi and Lakshmi have married! And after the grand South Indian wedding, and the start of an exciting honeymoon, Göran Borg packs his bags and returns to his hometown Malmö. He is still out of work, he's drinking a bit too much and his new relationship is much more complicated than he thought and hoped it would be.


When Yogi suddenly shows up in Malmö all ingrained notions and patterns are thrown over. Together they head out to the Pomonavalley in picturesque Österlen, to tend to a house for the summer. Yogi is amazed by all the curious Swedes, their traditions and peculiarities, and he soon become very popular not least thanks to his big heart and open mind. The house is filled by all sorts of truth seekers and the the local paper writes an appreciative report about the charismatic Indian guru and his popular gatherings. But of course there are people in the neighborhood who don't appreciate Indian wisdom, tea drinking and yoga sessions.


The Guru in the Pomona Valley is the third and last instalment in Mikael Bergstrand's series about BFFs Göran and Yogi. It is a novel about Swedish eccentricities, the search of one's true self, and the ability to love oneself, as well as others. It is written with the same sense of warm humor that has given Delhis vackraste händer and Dimma över Darjeeling so many readers.



375 pages






"Many of us have read and enjoyed Mikael Bergstrand's two previous novels about the two friends Göran and Yogi. The friendship between the the slightly tired Swedish middle-aged ex-copywriter, who's a little too fond of the bottle and the slightly younger and more spirited Indian textile exporter, who's a little too fond of good things, has earlier been portrayed in Delhi's vackraste händer and Dimma över Darjeeling.


Gurun i Pomonadalen is the third and final book about Yogi and Göran. The starting point is a lively Indian wedding and then the story mainly takes place in the city of Malmö and Österlen [the picturesque southern Swedish landscape]. The relationship between Goran and his live-apart Karin is strained and they take a break. / ... / But then Yogi pops up – bringing joy, long and very complicated sentences and friendship. / ... / This is a happy-go-lucky feel-good novel that works. / ... / there is humanity and a hint of seriousness in the middle of all the cheerfulness."




"/.../ books with warmth and a humorous twinkle. /.../ This time, Göran Borg is back at home in Sweden and is now visited by the guru Yogi. Together they go to the Pomona Valley in Österlen. Naturally, things are as usual shaping up for adventures.


Mikael Bergstrand writes leisurely and easy-going, and although the book only provides entertainment for the moment it will be a moment of pleasure. Preferably in a hammock, right?"
Nerikes Allehanda



"Entertaining about Swedish eccentricities, the search for your true self and the ability to love yourself as well as others."
Tara Magazine