The Hope Island Trilogy - Halfway to Heaven (Halvvägs till himlen)

Jöns Hellsing


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Halfway to Heaven is a standalone and the second part in the Hope Island Trilogy.

Once again we get to visit the windswept island Dóchas and its inhabitants. In this book the focus is on pub owner Heather. It is an exciting story about hope, revenge and believing in your dreams. Heather has risked it all to be able to renovate her pub. But one awful night just after the inauguration the whole thing burns down to the ground and her entire being falls apart. While in deep depression she is institutionalized to the same place where her mother committed suicide. Suspicion starts to rise about whether or not the fire was an accident or perhaps an arson. Who could have done it? When Heather starts to suspect how it’s all interrelated she starts planning for a major revenge.

THE HOPE ISLAND TRILOGY is a romantic tale of freedom and of Scottish islanders’ fight against the powers that be. A drama that came to Jöns Hellsing as he contemplated his own family history on inherited land in the Hebrides. The windswept environment makes a perfect setting for an adult saga of desire, insurmountable obstacles and fiery characters who win out in the end. It is told with ease and style. Humor and depths, strong emotions, revenge, victory and a fresh splash of eroticism to it.


The framework for the trilogy is the Scottish Island and the oppressed islanders who rise up against the central power personified by a corrupt English lord. The main characters are John and Heather.


LOCAL HERO meets Steamy Love and Devotion


350 pages



“Halfway to Heaven is an entertaining novel with dark undertones; compared to the debut (first book in the series) this one has a larger depth and more problematized. Hellsing’s language is easy to read and driven while it is still good at depicting dark events. All in all it is well written and an exciting book that shows an interesting development to this authorship.”

-      BTJ no 21, 2018 by Rickard Lindholm