A Crinoline Christmas (Jul i krinolin)

Amanda Hellberg


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Sweden: Lovereads


A Crinoline Christmas is the perfect festive romance in a historic setting, promising snow, roaring fires, chilling mystery and breathtaking passion. A sparkling seasonal love story about longing, hauntings and hope.

Victorian Sweden, 1870: In the wake of the great famine Lovisa Lind is ready to follow millions of Swedes and emigrate to America in search of a better life. But first she has promised to spend one final Christmas in Sweden with her friend and employer Madame Brask, the formidable candy shop owner, and help prepare the sweets for Baron von Drever's spectacular winter ball at Mollberga Manor. Reluctant to open her heart to the season, Lovisa is horrified to discover that stern widower von Drever makes her frozen heart thaw. But a relationship would be unthinkable due to the conventions of the day, not to mention that the Baron is surrounded by dark rumors; was he involved in the death of the Baroness? As the midwinter cold paralyzes the countryside, Lovisa is pulled into a perfect storm of burning desire, beautiful gowns and nightly hauntings. But who are the ghostly shadows lurking in the old mansion, and in Lovisa's own mind? How did the Baroness die? And will Lovisa leave Sweden forever?


350 pages


"This, my friends, is a magical treat, written with a light hand that makes the pages flow and turn themselves while also treating dark subjects and giving us complex characters that feel so real they become our best friends. It's smart, gripping, fun, sexy, scary and incredibly well written. It is Jane Austen meets Chocolat and you will love it." - John Häggblom, Swedish publisher




Jane Eyre meets Chocolat in this dazzling Swedish historical romance. A masterful festive treat."
- Simona Ahrnstedt


"Very entertaining, refreshing, thrilling and binge-worthy. Like Jane Eyre but more joyful."
-BTJ , Library service no 20