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Amanda Hellberg is an author, artist and illustrator who grew up in the Swedish countryside in the small village Varnhem. She has a Master's degree in English literature and moved to the UK in her 20s. Her first novel Styggelsen (Abomination) was shortlisted for Best First Novel in 2009 and she has since published many books for adults and children. Amanda's prose is effortlessly beautiful and her novels are full of sumptuous description and great psychological insight, passionate relationships and thrilling events, often in historic settings. Her writing has been compared to Donna Tartt and Diana Gabaldon. Amanda lives in Oxford with her family.


Her Ulltuna Suite is the No. 1 bestselling historical romance series in Sweden and the trilogy has sold 100 000 copies to date.


In 2023 she is current with her new series Silver Falls. Engaging characters in stunning Swedish settings, strong female friendships, romantic relationships, secrets, suspense and moral dilemmas, and happy endings.


"Amanda Hellberg is an incredibly gifted storyteller."

Dagens Nyheter


Amanda says: "My goal is to write with an open heart, to explore love and beauty as well as life's inevitable darkness. I want my novels to feel like friends to the reader; like someone you can't wait to spend time with, like an adventure and a real treat. I strive for my stories to have a sense of truth about them despite being fictional. The dramatic elements of romantic and gothic narratives fascinate me and I adore passionate, historic and suspenseful stories full of gorgeous details and powerful emotions. That's what I hope to achieve in my books."


Instagram: amandahellb



2024: Where the Wildflowers Grow (Där vildblommor växer), novel

2023: Roses and Secrets (Rosengömman), novel

2022: Christmas in the Limelight (Jul i rampljus), novel

2021: A Ruby Red Christmas (Jul i rubinrött), novel

2021: Hot Kisses (Heta Kyssar), Easy-read short story

2021: Warm Winds (Varma vindar), Easy-read short story

2020: Cold Feet (Kalla fötter), Easy-read short story

2020: A Crinoline Christmas (Jul i krinolin), novel

2019: Murder on Christmas Day (Mord på blanka juldagen), anthology

2018: Murder, not Christmas Carols (Mord och inga julvisor), anthology

2016: The Snow Globe (Snögloben), novel

2016: Ghosts Everywhere (Det kryllar av spöken), anthology

2015: Midwinter Murder (Mord i midvintertid), anthology

2015: The Secrets of the Castle Ruins (Ödeborgens hemlighet), children's book

2014: Blue Lines (Blå linjer), short story

2014: The Mystery at Eagle Cliff (Mysteriet vid Örnklippan), children's book

2013: The Invisible Candy (Det osynliga godiset), children's book

2013: The Thistle Flower (Tistelblomman), novel

2012: The Undead (De odöda), anthology

2012: The Forest of Whispers (Jag väntar under mossan)  YA novel

2011: Death on a Pale Horse (Döden på en blek häst, novel

2009: Abomination (Styggelsen), novel

2009: Snoring Beauty, children's book with Rachael Mortimer



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