Christmas in the Limelight

Amanda Hellberg

Juli rampljus.indd

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Denmark: North (JP/Politiken)

Finland: Tammi

Norway: Gyldendal

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It's showtime! Christmas in the Limelight is the new glorious historic romance by bestselling author Amanda Hellberg. A festive love story set in the theatre world, about success against all odds and unforgettable passion.

Winter, 1902. Harriet is a talented young singer touring the rustic music halls with her blind pianist Isak. Neither of them has the courage to admit that their friendship has turned to love. Isak is somewhat dependant on her, and Harriet can never sing as well win anyone other than him. When the powerful theatre owner Josef Ståhl launches a competition to find his next leading lady for new show The Snow Princess at his grand playhouse in Gothenburg Harriet enters despite her increasing stage fright. Both money and her future is at stake. But as the Christmas snow covers the sparkling festive city Harriet realises that she has been thrown into a world of ruthless demands, unwelcome attention and dangerous temptations.

A triumphant love story packed with gorgeous glittering details and stunning atmospheric locations, this is The Greatest Showman meets Phantom of the Opera - at Christmas. The third standalone book in the Ulltuna Series.


350 pages



"I love everything about this dreamy, sparkling love story! A wonderful reading experience." - Simona Ahrnstedt


”Hellberg writes vividly about life as a performer in the early 1900s. She captures all our senses as she describes the smells of Christmas, the sound of dancing feet on stage and the beautiful snowflakes falling. Christmas in the Limelight is a wonderful romance written in a rich language and with a charming subtlety in the intimate scenes which gives depth to Harriet's and Isac's feelings. Add a host of delightful characters and a happy ending and you get this: A perfect superhit.”- Fantastika


"This is fabulous writing, full of historical events, human life and emotions. Amanda Hellberg has succeeded with something difficult: She combines commercial and literary fiction and the result is an art form. So much more satisfying than simply romance/feelgood. The Ulltuna suite novels are not difficult literature, the prose is effortless, but they deliver on all the great themes; class, friendship and love."

"Editors favorite: Characters with personality find love, excitement and sex in a historic setting. The Swedish Bridgerton!"
Daisy Beauty Magazine


"Five out of five. I could not put it down. It's filled with love, fascinating characters, dazzling details and deep emotions in a Christmas setting so festive you can actually smell the mulled wine." - Jenny's Christmas Blog


"The best Christmas Romance/Feelgood of the year!" -  Kulturvinden magazine


”You must read this novel! It is wonderful. Inclusive, gripping, warm and hopeful. Skillfully written with many beautiful characters and details that make the reader feel festive. I love it!” - Sara Ros @romancefrossa


”Christmas in the Limelight is glorious. It is the best book in the series, but all three are amazing. The Ulltuna novels are ‘spin-offs’ of each other and stand alone in their own right, which is great because you don’t have to read them in a specific order or have prior knowledge of the plot. Packed with wonderful scenes with hints of Phantom of the Opera, Amadeus and Disney, this is an outstanding romance novel that pulls the reader in. The writing is international bestseller level.” - Belinda Graham, JPS Media


"Heartwarming romance with deep emotions set in the sparkling theatre world. Deals with the great subjects; happiness, fame and fortune, and finding true love."  - BTJ Library services, no 20