A Ruby Red Christmas (Jul i rubinrött)

Amanda Hellberg


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Sweden: Lovereads


A Ruby Red Christmas is a sparkling festive romance in a historic setting. A love story written in beautiful language full of wonderful details. A novel about strong women, forbidden passion and finding light in the darkness.

Sweden, December, 1888: Countess Nina Swartensköld appears to have everything: A beautiful son, a stunning mansion, and marriage with the handsome count Wilhelm. But behind closed doors things are bad. Wilhelm is mean and he bullies Nina and their son Anton. When the penniless painter Johan Mahler arrives at the mansion to work as the boy's private tutor Nina falls in love and Johan feels the same way. But their relationship is impossible and forbidden. If they are found out they will both lose everything. As the midwinter darkness closes in, their secret passion burns brighter than the Christmas candles. But what is Johan hiding? What will happen when they are exposed? Can true love stand a chance in a time when all the power is in the hands of rich and brutal men?


This is the second book in the Ulltuna Series.


Release fall 2021 in Sweden 


350 pages



Reviews on the first book in the Ulltuna series: 


"A Crinoline Christmas connects deeply with my heart. Amanda Hellberg has a surpreme talent for atmosphere and emotions." Smålandsposten


"I fell in love. Cosy and romantic historic feelgood with excitment and thrills. Similar to Downton Abbey." Barometern


"This year's cosiest novel. Magical and wonderful, just what we all need."



"A must read romantic adventure." 5 out of 5 - Amelia Magazine


Jane Eyre meets Chocolat in this dazzling Swedish historical romance. A masterful festive treat."
- Simona Ahrnstedt


"Very entertaining, refreshing, thrilling and binge-worthy. Like Jane Eyre but more joyful."
-BTJ , Library service no 20


"A sparkling, festive and passionate love story." - Expressen


"Love, snow and thrills - it doesn't get better than this!" -  Kristianstadsbladet


"A wonderful novel with sumptious detail in a gorgeous setting." - Kävlinge lokaltidning