My Heart Will Go On

Christoffer Holst


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Sweden: Bokfabriken

The Netherlands: Stortebeeker

The 22 year old pastry cook Chavve is probably the loneliest romantic in all of Södermalm. After three years in the big city he still hasn't gotten to know anyone and every night ends the same - with a pastry in the sofa in front of Titanic. On the other side of the river is Pontus, still living in his teenage room and with a split family. His acting dreams have faded, along with everything else that was suppose to be the future, and has been replaced with hypochondria and obsessive thoughts.


When a dating app connects the two boys they quickly become a part of each others lives, and Chavve seems to have finally found what he was looking for. But when Pontus life falls in pieces everything that they had built up just crashes as well. Although Chavve won't give up that easily. And he has a plan.


"My Heart Will Go On" is a romantic comedy about loneliness, hopes and the powerless feeling that sweeps you away when in Love. A funny but moving story, told from the perspective of two young guys about how important it can be to try and live life more bravely. Abandon oneself.



220  pages






"My Heart Will Go On is warm, romantic, nice and a perfect book that will make you laugh, cry and above all: feel" - I hyllan



"Everything is so nicely depicted and the environment descriptions are with out a doubt the best, I can picture everything clearly in front of me. When the book ends all I am left to think is: Please can someone make a movie of this!! It would be the perfect romantic comedy!" – Bokbloggen Bokgodis



"My Heart Will Go On is a very beautiful and moving depiction of love. Both the love between two lovers as well as the love between parent and child. Christoffer Holst has a very nice language and is very skilled at describing people with all their flaws in a way that you still think they are beautiful human beings. The fragile people are described with a sensible hand. It is also a nice humoristic tone throughout the whole book, based on the self irony of the main characters."  – Lottens bokblogg




"My Heart Will Go On is a fantastic debut. It is irresistible and magic.  Christoffer Holst delivers like a Swedish version of David Levithan and it is the most charming stories  I've read in. long while. I love Pontus and Chavve, they are so lovable and my heart skips a beat between pages. I find myself smiling already from the very first lines and giggling from time to time and the heart just warms up with every word. And even though the author wraps us up into the love nest of Pontus and Chavve it never becomes too sweet." – Bokhuset



"There is hope in this new Author!"  – Plaza Kvinna



"My Heart Will Go On is without a doubt one of this years more charming and cosy debuts. I laughed, sighed and at one point the eyes where even a bit damp. Just as it should be when a book is really good and has a bit of everything. Humor, love and pastries. What more can you wish for?"  – Beas bokhylla



"My Heart Will Go On is a funny, warm and captivating debut by  Christoffer Holst. He portraits love, friendship and life in a charming, honest and momentarily ironic way. It is a romantic comedy about hope, crushed dreams and the effect you can have on others - and the effect they can have on you. If you're looking for a easy book to bring with you to the cough and just snuggle - this is it! It is a funny and moving story that above all is actually about being more brave here in life"  – Hela Halmstad Läser



"What a wonderfully charming book! A book about two, lost and fragile creatures in a big Stockholm, living two different lives, until the day their paths are crossed."  – Adéles Bokhylla



"I really enjoyed My Heart Will Go On. It is a warm and captivating story about to lovable human beings. In a similar way as Davit Levithan Christoffer Holst chooses to write a love novel that happens to be about two men, without it ever being any focus on it. It is simply about life and love, with all that comes to it."  – Enligt O



"It has happened. I have fallen in love with a book. I fully and completely am crazy in love with My Heart Will Go On. It is so nice, soft and lovingly told. You cannot do anything but love My Heart Will Go On."   – Boktokig