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Inger Frimansson


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Bulgaria: Uniscorp

Denmark: Politiken

Finland: Like

Germany: Random House/Btb

Netherlands: Ambo Anthos

Norway: Pirat Forlaget

Sweden: Norstedts

Hilja Agnevik is in her fifties, unmarried and childless. She’s working in a flower shop and shares a home with her tyrannical older sister Karla, who has taken early retirement. Purely by chance, Hilda meets an old classmate, presently the famous actress Jenny Ask.  Hilja both admires and is jealous of Jenny, but her admiration turns to hate when Jenny brushes her aside. Maybe Hilja will have her chance to give Jenny a piece of her mind when her real estate broker brother is given the opportunity to sell Jenny’s mansion in Bromma? Hilja tags along when her brother has a showing, and stays behind in the residence. But then she becomes the unwilling witness to an event which will have much more dreadful consequences that she could ever imagine. Someone is out there, lurking among the mansions, waiting along the dark paths and jogging trails…


307 pages



“Inger Frimansson is at the top of her game.”

Dagens Nyheter


“She is dreadfully wonderful and her mystery plot creates a sense of increasing horror as only the best mysteries can do.”



“Inger Frimansson is the reigning queen of Swedish psychological thrillers.”



“…gives the reader feelings of dread, the real, insightful, non-speculative kind.”

Göteborgs Posten