Roses and Secrets

Amanda Hellberg


Rights sold

Germany: S. Fischer

Sweden: Lovereads


It is the best party of the summer and Anna Sager and her three best friends Helena, Kim and Nadja meet at a beautiful country house hotel on a mountainside. At the party is also an unpleasant man with connections to them all. When he vanishes policeman Daniel takes on the case. The same Daniel that Anna is in love with. The more police officers investigate the case, the more secrets are about to surface. Behind everyone's picture-perfect lives deep cracks are appearing. Will the fatal summer party destroy the four women and their friendships forever?


Secrets and Roses is the first novel in gripping new series Silver Falls. Romantic and twisty women's fiction by bestselling Amanda Hellberg. An unputdownable story about love, suspense and friendships put to the test, similar to Nora Roberts and Liane Moriarty, in breathtaking Swedish settings. Moral dilemmas covered in pretty rose petals.



380 pages



"What an amazing book. Roses and Secrets ticks every box there is: Relationships, friendship, love and betrayal. The language is flawless and the structure is elegant. A delightful and entertaining read, I already look forward to meeting the four friends again in the second novel in the Silver falls series. It wouldn't surprise me if this is turned into a primetime TV drama."- The Book Philosophers

"A highly entertaining novel with a big heart. Similar to Lianne Moriarty and Desperate Housewives. The writing is driven, and the combination of romance and suspense is masterful." - BTJ no 13

"Roses and Secrets is the best book I have read for a long time. The balance between suspense and romance is perfect, it's not too dark, and the glamour is matched with realism. Five out of five." - Maria Nord

"This novel causes big chemical reactions in the brain. A genius mix of dopamine (the pleasure hormone), cortisol (the stress hormone) and ghrelin (the hunger hormone)." - Chillies'n Chocolate (bookstagram)

"The gorgeous romantic book cover also hints at suspense.
An exciting story that appeals to romance and crime fans alike, but the focus is not on the crime investigation but on the strong women, their friendships, and their secrets from the past. Can't wait for book 2." - bok_stavligt (bookstagram)

"A highly entertaining and delicious summer read about love and life. Dramatic, smart and sumptuous, this novel is the ultimate page turner." - John Häggblom, publisher

"I adored it! Exciting and interesting with characters to fall in love with." - Simona Ahrnstedt



"An incredibly well-written and processed book. I like how the tension builds gradually. Everyone involved can be a potential murderer, and of course it doesn't make it any easier for the police that the dead person has many skeletons in the closet, at the same time he has many possible enemies. We get to follow the various characters, who participated in the party, during a few sweaty and eventful weeks. Partly because everyone has more or less yummy secrets for each other, which they absolutely do not want to get out. And if, and when, some of these secrets will no doubt be revealed, will they still be friends afterwards? We get to follow the story through the friends' different perspectives, and share their thoughts and feelings in a good and realistic way. The book is seasoned with ingredients such as love, infidelity, betrayal, and complicated family relationships. I'm looking forward to the next part in the series, because this part was really exciting and wonderful. The book gets 5/5." - Rammengarden book blog