Sailing on a Cloud

Birgitta Bergin


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Sweden: Piratförlaget



A phone call from Chanelle changes everything in Tone's life. Throughout their upbringing, they were best friends, but later drifted apart.

Now Chanelle suddenly suggests a sailing trip together and to Tone it sounds fantastic. Her husband has left her, her safe existence has been shattered and she needs to learn to live again. But it is only when the voyage draws to a close that she learns what Chanelle is really after. And Tone is faced with a difficult life-changing choice.


Sailing on a Cloud is Birgitta Bergin's first novel in a trilogy about female friendship. Her stories are loved by those who want to be touched and recognize themselves in how we deal with life.


355 pages




"Many beautiful environmental depictions where nature reflects the moods in the plot...Questions that the author discusses in the novel are, for example, how well can you trust your memories and how well do you really know another person? Birgitta Bergin writes with a drive in the language that makes the book easy to read. A very well-written and engaged relationship novel. 5 out of 5"  Agneta Warheim, BTJ library services, no 7 2024



"Oh oh oh! Wow, what a great book. I have cried and suffered, but also laughed and enjoyed a warm story about the two friends, Tone and Chanell.

From the first page, the book has touched me from my little toe to the last hair on my head
What a strong portrayal Birgitta takes us on. It is not just a sailing race on the water, but also a sailing trip into people's inner selves and dealing with various crises in life.
A story that highlights friendship, both at its best, but also when it tests us to the limit.

A very well-written and thoughtful relationship novel. A book that will stay with me for a long time. The best I've read by Birgitta so far." @bettan_bokprataren book blog



"An incredibly lovely, thought-provoking and touching book where existential questions create a great need for reflection. I was very touched and am full of admiration and respect for Birgitta Bergin's way of describing the friendship, sadness and longing embraced in this book.
I enjoyed the characters and environments during the west coast sailing. Also appreciated the mix of present and flashbacks and the way the plot was driven towards the inevitable. 5 out of 5" - @bokologin , book blog


”Thoughtful & Touching page turner! This is an incredibly poignant, emotional, warm and touching story. And this is probably the best book I've read by Bergin. Her way of writing about friendship, sadness, love etc. is incredibly admirable! I have both laughed and shed a few tears. The book is very well written with a nice language that flows and it is easy to read. I couldn't pause for long moments so I finished it in one day! The characters are fantastically portrayed and feel very real. And the environmental descriptions are very colorful. I really like that the story takes place in both the present and the past. This is a book that stays for a long, long time and now I am very much looking forward to reading the next part in the series about Tove. 5 out of 5." - @cias_bookshelf , book blog


"Many of us probably have that relationship that ended without explanation and that rubs off afterwards. Can you find your way back to a friendship many years later and how do you go about it, is it possible to find trust and honesty again? This is an incredibly beautiful and touching story about female friendship and personal awakening. The book is easy to read so I have to stop myself when I'm reading so it doesn't end too quickly, it's worth sinking in and thinking about. There are many emotions that fit between the covers and I am moved and touched. A book worth reading that I highly recommend by one of my favorite authors.” - @lotta_boktok , book blog


"Birgitta Bergin skilfully takes me as a reader on a beautiful journey about female friendship, joy and sorrow and the importance of communication so that misunderstandings do not arise or sides are taken. I can warmly recommend this book to those of you who want a novel with a focus on relationships, the archipelago and finding yourself again." - @ihuvudetpamalin , book blog