Birgitta Bergin

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Birgitta Bergin is the small-town girl who moved from Kungälv via Gothenburg to Brussels and Marbella where she now resides. She worked for several years in advertising and marketing, but now works full time as an author.


Birgitta loves to write. But she also loves cooking, good wine and hiking in unspoiled nature, which she did on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. She enjoys working out to feel healthy. Birgitta loves spending time with her family and friends; however, she is also impatient, nosy and restless. At the same time, she loves tranquility and the simplicity of sitting in front of a fire place. For her, it is the perfect combination for being an excellent feel-good writer.



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2025 - Wherever the Road May Lead (Vart än vägen bär), novel

2024 - Beyond All Limits (Bortom alla gränser), novel

2024 - Sailing on a Cloud (Segla på ett moln), novel

2023 - Fortunate's Row (Smultronhyllan), novel

2022- A Port in the Storm (En hamn i stormen), novel

2021 - The Only Thing I Want is to Live (Det enda jag vill är att leva), novel

2021 -  An Irresistible Life (Ett oemotståndligt liv), novel

2020 - Happy Damn Christmas (Älskade jävla jul), novel

2019 - Everybody Loves Bianca (Alla älskar Bianca), novel

2019 - The Madwoman - the Neighbor from Hell (Toktanten - grannen från helvetet), novel

2018 - The Dutchman (Holländarn), novel

2017 -  Something You Don’t Know (Något du inte vet att jag vet), novel

2016 -  An Irresistible Desire (Ett oemotståndligt begär), novel

2016 - As sure as Fate (Som ett brev på posten), novel

2015 -  An Irresistible Affair (En oemotståndlig affär), novel

2014 -  An Irresistible Proposal (Ett oemotståndligt förslag), novel

2013 - Captured in Marbella (Fångad I Marbella), fiction

2012 - Three Weeks (Tre Veckor), fiction



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