The Cult on Fog Island (Sekten på Dimön)

Mariette Lindstein


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Prizes and Awards

Crimetime Specsaver's debutant prize

in 2016 for "The Cult on Fog Island"


When Sofia meets Franz Oswald, the handsome, charming leader of a mysterious New Age movement, she’s dazzled and intrigued.  Visiting his headquarters on Fog Island, Sofia’s struck by the beautiful mansion overlooking the sea, the gardens, the sense of peace and the purposefulness of the people who live there.  And she can’t ignore the attraction she feels for Franz.


So she agrees to stay, just for a while.  But as summer gives way to winter, and the dense fog from which the island draws its name sets in, it becomes clear that Franz rules the island with an iron fist.  No phones or computers are allowed.  Contact with the mainland is severed. Electric fences surround the grounds.   And Sofia begins to realize how very alone she is and that no one ever leaves Fog Island…


502 pages


Crimetime Specsaver's debutant Prize, the jury's reasoning:


”Over 500 pages are completely devoured. Both the jury and the many readers who voted were unanimous – the book is impossible to put down. The language is unpretentious. The feeling of a documentary novel makes it stick out on the overcrowded crime novel shelves. The author writes about a secluded world in a way that is extremely believable and fascinating. A suspense novel about what makes people go through hell and high water because of the desire to belong. This is the first in a new fiction trilogy – we really look forward to the continuation.”




"The Scientology movement has become fiction through Mariette Lindstein´s thrilling novel: The Cult on Fog Island(Mörkersdottir publisher). The day-to-day routines of a cult are evidently in need of the novel formula, the non-fiction descriptions I´ve read are not nearly as compelling as this professionally constructed thriller. Compulsory nailbiting guaranteed."



”A page-turner, this falls most interesting novel.”

Jonas Danielsson, the TV program Go’kväll (Good Evening)


Suspenseful as the most riveting thriller.”

Lotta Olsson/DN


“It is fascinating to get a glimpse at how one can get drawn into a sect. How good it all sounds in the beginning, but how the control of the group and fear within the members gradually increase. The cult-leader is portrayed in an enthralling way, and anyone who has been involved with a charismatic person, who constantly demands attention, will recognize Franz Oswald´s character. If you furthermore, voluntarily or involuntarily, have been the victim of someone who had an unhealthy obsession with dominating others, you will get shivers of recognition when the web of control is pulled tighter around the staff at Fog Island.”

Mamma Bokström/Bonniers Book Club

”Mariette´s escape from the Scientologists sounds like a thriller. Now she has plowed down 25 years of cult-mentality into her debut novel, The Cult on Fog Island.”

The Magazine Filter


”A book that is timely, interesting and more and more suspenseful the further into the story you get.

DAST magazine


”A well written and very suspenseful debut novel. Mariette Lindstein can definitely write and hopefully the next parts of the trilogy will be as well written as this one.”

BTJ (library service)


Suspense and fascination that turns into horror and panic. Fantastic intrigue. A perfect Xmas present and a beautiful design.”

The blog: Pockethexorna, (The pocket witches).


”A very suspenseful book that makes me long for part 2.”

Sandra Hjort, the blog: Alitio


“Capturing, really suspenseful and strong!!!”

Jennie’s booklist


”A riveting book that I recommend to everyone. The story unfolds at breakneck speed all through and is almost impossible to put down.”

Bymarken’s manuscripts and media.


”This is the best book I´ve read in a very long time. Mariette Lindstein delivers an incredible story.”

Marion Nyström, writer of the book ”Frostbitten”.


”An incredibly suspenseful book that´s most definitely worth reading.”

Library service, West Frölunda.


“One of this falls best reading-experiences. I would not leave out one single page of this book. Incredibly well written!”

Radio P4, West.


”I don´t just like “Cult on Fog Island”, I LOVE it!”

Niclas Christoffer, author of the book ”Like Zlatan but better.”



“Don´t miss this novel! It´s easy to read, you´re sucked into a whole new world. Frightening, some of the most terrifying stuff I´ve read, completely without any supernatural elements.”

The Blog: The Boookshelf


”A thriller, filled with horror, that keeps you in a stranglehold until the whole book is finished.”

Kim Kimselius, writer


”A nerve-wrecking story that really needs to be told. Mariette Lindstein has written an AWESOME book.”

Joanna, the blog: The Book Circle


“This writer knows the stuff she´s writing about. An enthralling book that also gives insight into the “cult-phenomena”.

Karin´s blog.


“I really want to read more about Sofia Bauman and look forward to the coming books in this series. I recommend this book to everyone. It gets the highest possible score from me.”

Book-blog: The Book-pool



Quotes from Dutch bloggers and media:
“It feels authentic because of the high quality fiction. Scary from the very prologue.”
Amsterdam newspaper. The Netherlands
“A mesmerizing thriller! The suspense just increases. The reader gets the heart in the throat. Exciting scene after exciting scene unfolds until you can’t breath. It is so exciting you wonder if the film rights already have been sold.”
Scriptgirl blog. The Netherlands
“What makes it so thrilling is not ‘Who did it?’ but “How far are they going to go?’
It totally captured me.
Blog. Stralend Scrijven . The Netherlands
“It gave me goosebumps. I read it obsessively. I could not put it down. I could not stop turning the pages!”
Read Junkie blog.
“Seamless writing, smooth dialogue, excellent structure of the story itself. A masterpiece! A very ominous book.”
Hanneke Tinor-Certi Blog. The Netherlands
“It captured me from the prologue. The suspense just increases by the minute.”
Thrillers and More. The Netherlands
“The tension just builds and builds and builds until the end.”
Jaike vs de boeken, blog. The Netherlands


"Excellent characters. An impressive thriller with energizing and cinematic narrative that gives a terrifying view of life in a sect. Multiple cliffhangers, blood curling anxiety - a magnificent page turner"   Wendy Winning, Boekenbijlage book blog