The Butcher (Slaktaren)

Gabriella Ullberg Westin


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Sweden: HarperCollins Nordic


It’s the beginning of October and the elk hunting season has just begun in Hudiksvall, in the north of Sweden. One early morning the butcher Hans Larsson makes a terrible discovery when he sees a human body hanging from the ceiling in his slaughterhouse. Johann Rokka and his colleagues at the police office in Hudiksvall receives the case. No one doubts that the murdered person has been tortured and it’s only the first brutal murder in a series of many more to come. The police search for the truth and it turns out to be a lot more savage than they could have imagined.


The Butcher is a crime story about greed and revenge with a fast tempo and many parallel stories all intertwined.



350 pages




“The book gets a solid 5/5. It is like Gabriella’s previous books, well-written, correct portrayals of the policemen and their work and incredibly thrilling. I envy all of you who haven’t read it yet. Read, enjoy and sweat because this is a horrifying and really frightening and bloody story”  - Bokvurmen book blog


"Gabriella Ullberg Westin has done it again in this fourth book about Johan Rokka. It has a high tempo and it's both exciting and sad. It brings up what greed can do to people. It also treats the subject of how people handle grief and how love and desire sometimes can make you blind.

The author is so damn sharp and good at tying together different events in the story. If you haven't yet read the others in the series go do it! Gabriella is one of our amazing queens of crime." - Evas bokhylla, book blog


"It ended way to fast. 5/5" - Evastinasbokhylla, book blog


"It gave me chills. It's raw but in a good way. It never becomes to much. The authors attention for detail and how everything is tied together is excellent! 4,5 /5". - Villivonkansbooks, book blog


"Brilliant, fascinating and extremely suspenseful! 5/5 " - Jenniesboklista, book blog


"Ullberg Westin shows yet again her incredibly ability to combine suspense with fantastic environmental descriptions of nature, people and tragic destinies. I love the book about Johan Rokka. The story is well thought through. 5/5" Annas Deckartips, Book blog