The Butcher (Slaktaren)

Gabriella Ullberg Westin


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It’s the beginning of October and the elk hunting season has just begun in Hudiksvall, in the north of Sweden. One early morning the butcher Hans Larsson makes a terrible discovery when he sees a human body hanging from the ceiling in his slaughterhouse. Johann Rokka and his colleagues at the police office in Hudiksvall receives the case. No one doubts that the murdered person has been tortured and it’s only the first brutal murder in a series of many more to come. The police search for the truth and it turns out to be a lot more savage than they could have imagined.


The Butcher is a crime story about greed and revenge with a fast tempo and many parallel stories all intertwined.



350 pages



Reviews on the previous books in the series:

”Gabriella Ullberg-Westin is clearly talented building a plot that has that important feature of mystery and unknown factors. "

Gefle Dagblad

"A crime novel that sticks out"

Svenska Dagbladet.

"Really professional. The language is eloquent and vivid characters. "


"Thrilling with erotic elements of obsession , revenge and loneliness.”

Lottens bokblogg

”Hold on tight, because this takes off from page one”

Cattis boktips

”An incredibly thrilling book”

Jennifers hörna