Fortunates Row

Birgitta Bergin

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Nominations & Awards

Shortlisted for Best Feelgood of the Year at the Adlibris Awards 2023


Long Listed for Storytelling Awards 2023 for Best Feelgood of the Year

Agnes is a successful writer, but life in the spotlight suffocates her. She decides to take hold of her old dream of being of use and joy to others and takes a job at The Fortunate Row nursing home. It is a well-functioning and pleasant place, but everything can be better and Agnes is bubbling with ideas on how to make life more meaningful for the elderly. But the new manager Malcolm, or Mallis as the staff call him, seems determined to put a stop to Agnes.

Newfound colleague Cleo thinks it's time for newly divorced Agnes to venture into the dating market. It doesn't take long before Benny appears in her life, and everything moves very quickly. In a couple of days, Benny has moved in with Agnes and is increasingly taking control of her life. She struggles with the relationship with Benny, the fight for the rights of the elderly and the low-intensity war with Malcolm. Agnes begins to dig for the background to what is happening around her, but what she finds forces her to examine herself. In the end, the realization hits her: she must stand up for what she believes in, regardless of the consequences.

The Elderly at Fortunate's Row is Birgitta Bergin at her best. An insightful story about real people with real problems, about love, older people's desire to have a voice heard, work relationships and strong friendships - a page-turner with characters to both love and hate.


380 pages



” An insightful book about real people with real problems.”
Svensk Damtidning

” Birgitta Bergin gets it done without any major hazzel but with a genuine commitment to the nursing home, which will become a dream home." M Magasin

"The author is good at building moods and hope, which can hopefully remain with the reader together with the tender depictions of the elderly at the residence."
BTJ-recension, no 7, 2023. Karin Flygare

"Perhaps a strong word but I absolutely loved this book. Rating 5 out of 5.”@veronicas_bok_bak_liv

” A page-turner, such a fine novel about love, friendship and our precious days here on earth.” @annasboktips_

A book filled with joy and warmth with a splash of humor and seriousness. Read this amazing gem. The book gets a strong five from me.” @systrarnaboktokiga