Sweet Red Summer Dreams (Söta, röda sommardrömmar)

Christoffer Holst

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Sweet, Red Summer Dreams is a charming story in which an unexpected love takes place and a mysterious murder disturbs the otherwise peaceful life in the Swedish archipelago. 


Cilla Storm has been dumped by her boyfriend. Her career as a gossip magazine journalist is not really what she pictured and with a budget cut in half her savings are no longer enough to buy that dreamy summerhouse in the countryside. The only thing she can afford after the breakup is an allotment with a small garden house on Bullholmen – a touristy little island in the prodigious archipelago outside of Stockholm. Even though she completely lacks green fingers when it comes to gardening she decides to buy it.

Cilla’s life gets an unexpected twist when a young woman is found dead on the island on the morning after midsummer’s eve. It turns out that Cilla was the last person to have seen the woman alive and she gets dragged into the murder investigation – lead by the very handsome police officer Adam.

The slightly neurotic and Chardonnay-loving Cilla and the strict, well-dressed Adam are as different as two persons can be – yet they are attracted to each other. But then another murder takes place on the island…

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"Mindfulness for losers is a charming and easy read. Precisely as with his debut "My Heart Will Go On" it is striking how well Christoffer Holst manages to describe a variety of people with such warmth and I am willing to accept just about anything. Everyone can be who they are and enough said. The tone is humoristic and Pamela is relatively self ironic".  - Lottens bokblogg



"Sometime you just become so ecstatic with joy and you want to scream out to the world that they have to HAVE TO read this masterpiece. Sometimes you can't even move on to the next book because you wanna stay in that feeling of perfection since you know it might take a while before you get to experience it again. Sometime you just wanna make out with a book (or an character or an author). And it doesn't even have to big fancy litteratur, well-known authors or original stories. Sometimes it just happens. There is a spark. And here it is! I really enjoyed Christoffer Holst's debut "My Heart Will Go On". It was nice, warm and charming. But "Mindfulness for Losers" is something completely different. If "My Heart Will Go On" made my heart beat this one gave it a kick start and rush away into the late summer evening. A new author is born, I feel. He has excelled on all levels. If you imagine Emma Hamberg and Fredrik Backman having a love child, it would be Christoffer Holst".  – KULTURKOLLO




"There is a lot of warmth in this book and plenty of humor and it has only given me an appetite for more. Give me more Holst now!" - Bloggbohemen



"Building strong characters is one of Christoffer Holst strong sides, he can really create real and living characters where even the dialogue works in a trustworthy way".   – Midnattsord


"Mindfulness for losers is a cosy and warm book that I really enjoyed. It is charming and funny and I got a cinematic feeling. It would make a really nice movie" – Maddes bokblogg



"A feel-good book about how you want life to be and about being who you are, with plenty of humor. " – Bokslukarinnan i Kalmar



"Mindfulness for losers is a real feel-good novel that has a writing that is freely flowing"  – Bokparet



"Mindfulness for losers is an entertaining book about not fitting in, but one that leaves you with a smile on your lips - the way a feel-good should" - Läserskans bokblogg



"Christoffer Holst has a great sense for contemporary time, and the current age we live in and he depicts it with a nice humor. It is so easy to understand, when you start reading, why others enjoy this book as well.  Because when I finish reading "Mindfulness for losers" I am ecstatic." – Boktokig