The Badger (Grävlingen)

Fredrik P Winter


Rights sold

Germany: HarperCollins

Netherlands: AW Bruna

Sweden: LB Förlag


Every year on the night of November 6th, a serial killer called the Badger breaks into the basement floor of his chosen victim’s house. The victim is dragged into the ground and vanishes without a trace. 

One morning publisher Annika Granlund finds a manuscript covered in dirt outside her office door. The title of the script is I’m the Badger and it is a morbid biography about a serial killer living underground. Annika sees an opportunity to save her publishing house, which is facing bankruptcy unless they’re able to find a big bestseller soon. They decide to publish it even though they know it will be controversial. Her questionable decision leads her into a deep hole of darkness, something she thought she had buried as a kid. 

Who is the Badger? Who wrote the book? And what lurks beneath the ground? 

The Badger is a psychological thriller with supernatural elements. About the human psyche that is so fragile when put under pressure. 

364 pages



”The suspense rises when the plot moves closer to the date of November the 6th. Will a new deed occur? The author elegantly pilots the reader towards the inevitable ending. Fredrik P Winter is one of the skillful debutants I’d be happy to read more from.” - Nils Scherman


”365 pages of pure joy. The best book I’ve read. Like a mix between Twin Peaks and The Shining. I hope they make this into a movie!” - Familjekedjan


”An extremely well written book to get stuck in. I read the end while completely missing the fact that the fire alarm went off in the empty store where I was working in. After reading you will never want to move to a house with a basement.” – I min bokhylla, book blog


“Psychological horror that won’t leave anyone unaffected. 5 out of 5.” - Bettan bokprataren, book blog


“Fascinating, suspenseful & strong!” – Jennies boklista, book blog


“This book literally crawls underneath the skin and sticks in your mind long after finishing reading it. 5 out of 5!” - bok_ann, book blog