The Badger (Grävlingen)

Fredrik P Winter


Rights sold

Germany: HarperCollins

Netherlands: AW Bruna

Sweden: LB Förlag


Every year on the night of November 6th, a serial killer called the Badger breaks into the basement floor of his chosen victim’s house. The victim is dragged into the ground and vanishes without a trace. 

One morning publisher Annika Granlund finds a manuscript covered in dirt outside her office door. The title of the script is I’m the Badger and it is a morbid biography about a serial killer living underground. Annika sees an opportunity to save her publishing house, which is facing bankruptcy unless they’re able to find a big bestseller soon. They decide to publish it even though they know it will be controversial. Her questionable decision leads her into a deep hole of darkness, something she thought she had buried as a kid. 

Who is the Badger? Who wrote the book? And what lurks beneath the ground? 

The Badger is a psychological thriller with supernatural elements. About the human psyche that is so fragile when put under pressure. 

300 pages



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