To the Dead Ones (Till de döda)

Emma Ångström


Rights sold


Sweden - Piratförlaget


 He will be gone for more than a week. I open my calendar and makes a mark on today’s date. Eight more days. I will prove to myself that I can do this. I’m slipping into my nightmarish state, but I will fight it.  The fear will not win.


A young woman and her newly wedded husband move away from the city life to a countryside mansion where they will plan their future together. Everything is perfect. She will finally be able to realize her dream of opening her own little boutique. And she is really looking forward to starting a family. But nothing goes the way she planned. The beautiful mansion holds a dark past and even with the husband gone she still feels someone’s presence in the house. What are the previous house owners not telling them? And will she be able to stand being alone until her husband gets back.


To the Dead Ones is a story about sorrow, womanhood and mental illness.


250 pages





Coming soon Swedish release 13 September 2021