To the Last Drop

Jöns Hellsing

till sista droppen

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Sweden: LB förlag

Great Britain 1984. Far out in the Scottish archipelago, Heather MacDonald fights to save her inherited pub. The boyfriend's drinking threatens the alcohol condition and the roof is leaking in the autumn rain. Soaking wet hoteliers in the attic arouse dreams of a new era of greatness, but the municipality says no to the building permit. The mighty Lord Winsley also turns out to have plans for a dilapidated fishing village with Hope Island's best location. Yes, for its entire inherited island where tenants and taxpayers are on the verge of being deceived. However, the Lord forgets that a MacDonald never gives up without a fight.

To the Last Drop is a wet story about English power hunger and Scottish thirst for freedom. The book is a stand-alone prelude to Jöns Hellsing's acclaimed Hope Island trilogy and takes place when Thatcher, the coal mining strike and Charles and Diana's marriage make Britain rumble.


THE HOPE ISLAND SERIES  is a romantic tale of freedom and of Scottish islanders’ fight against the powers that be. A drama that came to Jöns Hellsing as he contemplated his own family history on inherited land in the Hebrides. The windswept environment makes a perfect setting for an adult saga of desire, insurmountable obstacles and fiery characters who triumph in the end.

The framework for the series is the Scottish Island and the oppressed islanders who rise up against the central power personified by a corrupt English lord. The main characters are John and Heather.


350 pages



"The book is so well written that the pages just fly by. I love how 80s British news and scandals blend nicely and easily into the story.”– Bokdaling

"Feelgood and social criticism in a nice mix. A deep love for the Scottish landscape and its indomitable inhabitants shines through Hellsing's writing"– ölandsbladet magazine

"Hellsing has written an entertaining novel about the importance of holding on to your dreams and not forgetting your history. He writes freehand with a good drive and a fine feeling for characters and environments. A feelgood read that stands up well in the competition.” Btj Library services no 22 , 2022



Reviews previous books in the series: 

“This book series take place during the 1980’s. Which I believe is an interesting grasp considering where Great Britain was found at the time. But the central of the story, the Scottish fight for self-sufficiency and independence, is just as current as of today. Hellsing has really managed to capture that feeling well, just as the love to the nature and the island that absorbs the residents on the Dóchas. I can recommend the whole trilogy wholeheartedly! Jöns Hellsing has found his own niche, with the spirit of time and environment, managed it well and distilled it to an interesting and warm story that can appeal to both men and women. Thank you for three nice books!” – Boksann, book blog


“I really enjoyed this book! Jöns Hellsing knows the art of capturing his readers with his stories. QUEEN OF THE WAVES is the final part of the Hope Island-trilogy. It’s a story about love, struggle for liberty, to dare believing in something you really do believe in. Jöns Hellsing captures the environment greatly by his descriptions and the love the islanders have for their island .The book is set in the 1980’s Great Britain. The Central story is the Scottish fight for independence and self-sufficiency. A struggle the author narrates well.

I have enjoyed all of the three books in this trilogy. They are well written, hard to stop reading and you just want to continue on. I wholeheartedly recommend this trilogy! Rating 5/5" - Lollos bokhörna, book blog


"The protagonist Heather MacDonald is a real warrior who is not afraid of anything when defending the islanders' interests against the English powers. The character gallery is full of wonderful, odd personas that you instantly like. QUEEN OF THE WAVES is a charming good read that for me became just the right book in the right time. I like the whole trilogy, but this last part is the absolute best. It immediately ended up in this year’s favourites and also became the best book in March.” - Boklysten, book blog


“QUEEN OF THE WAVES is a nice escape from reality and a perfect novel to enjoy during these troubled times. It is very British - sorry, Scottish! - and charming. I'm glad I got the opportunity to read it!” - Fru E:s böcker, book blog


“The environmental depictions of the Scottish countryside are credible, and the human depictions are entertaining ... Jöns Hellsing's language is easy to read and driven ... QUEEN OF THE WAVES is an entertaining, well-written and exciting book. " – Library services, Rickard Lindholm


Reader reviews:

“Such a great trilogy with many exciting intrigues and events. I like the historic twist.” – Madeleine Mac Donald

“Fantastic trilogy – hard to let go of!” – Anne Lill K

“I’ve been longing for this final part of the trilogy. Enjoyed a captivating story – thank you to the author! 5 out 5”

“Everything you could want from a lovely book series! 5 out of 5” – Maggan Å

“I really enjoyed part 1 & 2 and was longing for the third part. Very well tied together – the circle is complete. 5 out of 5”

“Such a nice and worked through storytelling. From book one to the third A story you’ve never heard before. Recommended! 5 out of 5” – Charlotta Paulson