The Winter Pack (Vinterpacket)

Jacob Lindfors


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Sweden: Piratförlaget


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Something evil is gaining momentum in the forests of northern Sweden. A criminal network has come to life and become involved with an international crime syndicate. This signals the beginning of a spiral of violence that no one can control.

Mattias Kassian has not done much right in life, but during his time in the Armed Forces he had at least friends and a purpose. When the most important person in his life dies- his Swedish mother who adopted him and brought him from the Rwandan genocide to the security he learned to call home  - Kassian applies to the Swedish Armed Forces' special unit SOG to start anew.

The worlds of SOG and the criminal network collide when a sixteen-year-old girl is kidnapped. What she witnesses is something everyone else has missed. Kassian and his comrades within SOG are tasked with chasing both the network and the bitter truth. He has already lost everything once. Never again.

The Winter Pack is Jacob Lindfors' debut book, the first part of a planned trilogy about Mattias Kassian. Lindfors has written a raw military thriller about defending oneself when one stands with one's back to the wall, where rage is mixed with hope and human warmth.


450 pages



“What makes it so fantastic is the suspense from page one throughout the whole book.” – Johan Anderblad, TV4 News Morning Sofa

“Why would you read this type of a story unless you have any interest in the military? Because the debutant Jacob Lindfors can write with the most important ingredient on them all: breathtaking suspense.” – Lotta Olsson, Dagens Nyheter

“Generally speaking THE WINTER PACK is a completely fantastic thriller that I strongly recommend. Be prepared for an emotional read, sharp twists and staggering suspense. This is one of the absolutely best books I’ve read in a long time. Big shout out!” Idas recensioner, book blog

“… and these twists and the environments we are brought to – super thrilling. I am completely captivated!” – Titti Schultz, Go’kväll Swedish Television

“… an impressive and unusual debut, definitely worth the read, and I look forward to following the main characters in the following books in the trilogy.” –  Kapprakt, book blog

"It's difficult to find the rights words to describe how good this book was. Basically, insanely good. Read it!" - reader instagram


"There is absolutely nothing with military thrillers that would tickle my fancy... and in combination with gang crimes, on paper, this is not a book for me. BUT the setting in the northern Forrests of Sweden along with really good reviews I was still intrigued to give it a go. And boy am I happy I did! The Winter Pack is extremely good and a suspenseful read! It's filled to the brim with action, violence and a high pace making me read through the pages like an obsessed person... It's also creepy because it is so close to a reality that our society is getting closer to becoming each day." - I hyllan, book blog