Happy Damn Christmas

Birgitta Bergin

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Short listed at the Storytel Awards 2021


Amy loves Christmas. At least she thinks she does. Lately all Christmas traditions and to-do-lists have felt forced. And the pressure isn’t getting lighter with the fact that Amy’s crime debut seems to have passed both readers and book shops by without anyone noticing. Even despite her efforts to make herself heard amongst the media noise.

Everything changes when Sweden’s most successful publisher contacts her. He flashes a five-book deal in her face, invents a new genre, wants her to add more erotic scenes and makes sure to get Amy on a news morning sofa on TV. The Swedish media wake up and suddenly Amy becomes coveted but at a price: she is being stalked by a cyberbully.

Life becomes more hectic and complicated than ever and Amy has to realize she can’t keep up. She has lost control over her authorship and her beloved Christmas is in danger. Things don’t get easier when she agrees to a bet with her husband that she must go an entire week without checking social media.

Christmas approaches quickly, the kitchen renovations turn into complete chaos, her book hits the bestseller lists and she is spotted in the headlines in a hot embrace with a complete stranger.


HAPPY DAMN CHRISTMAS is a realistic Christmas novel about the holiday so many of us love to hate. It's also a story with insights on how the life is for a debutant author in today's publishing industry with all its expectations and glamour.


352 pages




"HAPPY DAMN CHRISTMAS is exciting, hearty and a well written Feelgood novel" - DAST Magazine

“A strong story about the pursuit for a perfect life and the fear of not being good enough.” – Camilla Davidsson, author


”A wonderful and entertaining novel about the world of writing wrapped in Christmas jokes. With snow chaos and Christmas noise, it’s at the same time a story about the pursuit of success and the power that media has on our lives. Birgitta Bergin goes from clarity to clarity with each book and she is clearly one of our best Swedish feelgood authors. HAPPY DAMN CHRISTMAS is this year's Christmas book because once the book starts to pick up speed, it's hard to stop reading.” – frokenmillaskanslaforbocker, instagram


“The pursuit of the perfect life and the fear of not having enough. A book that contains just as much giggles and fun and it also has a depth and warmth.  A reminder that it is okay to let go of control sometimes. Read it!” -sandras_bokinspo, instagram


”Oh how I loved HAPPY DAMN CHRISTMAS. Birgitta Bergin writes with a pace about Amy and her life. It was told with such speed and humor that I almost put the tea in the wrong throat as I got close to the end of this knock-out novel. Truly a gripping story! 5 out of 5” - ullagummans_lasgodis, instagram


“Well written and went straight to my heart, 5 out of 5.” - marits.bokvarld, instagram


“I’ve read all books by Birgitta Bergin and this is no exception. It’s yet another book that is difficult to put down until the very last page. I picture myself in it, giggle and laugh out loud and I also get tears in my eyes… the recognition is high and it also provides insight towards social media and ‘the perfect Christmas’. The book mixes humor with depth and it provides hope that it's alright to let go of control and that everything doesn’t have to be perfect.” Hulda74, Instagram


“The book is told with a rapid language, and lots of twists and turns. Bergin’s descriptions of relationships and the social game are accurate and spot on. A true gem that I liked!” – Miasbok, book blog


Review from Germany


“Set in December, in 24 chapters, this story is absolutely for the heart, for the soul, and for letting go. And above all, it is also very thought-provoking. /…/ I can warmly recommend this book. It's a different kind of Christmas story, one you won't soon forget.” @soulbooks_forever