Cold Feet

Amanda Hellberg

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Denmark: Nyt Dansk Litteraturselskab

Sweden: Vilja


Sanna works in The Pink Room, a cosy gift shop. She feels lonely and dreams of finding romance. But where is the man of her dreams? Perhaps closer than she thinks. An inclusive and heartwarming Easy-Read feelgood romance. Part 1 in the Pink Room series.


70 pages


Cold Feet is the first of three Easy-Read romance/feelgood novels in Amanda Hellberg's the Pink Room series (Vilja förlag). Other titles are Warm Winds and Hot Kisses.

These Easy-Read books are lovingly written by esteemed author Amanda Hellberg and edited by experts on dyslexia and special needs at dedicated Easy-Read publishing house Vilja. Shorter sentences, easier words, straightforward chronology and a heart warming storyline help inexperienced adult readers gain confidence and find a love of books and reading.




"Charming and lovely feelgood with plenty of romance. Easy-read, perfectly suited to less experienced adult readers." - Christine Karlsson, BTJ Library service no 5/2021