Cat Power

Ulrica Norberg & Carina Nunstedt

cat power

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A cat's presence in a home reduces stress and anxiety. When the cat purrs, oxytocin is released, and the vibrations produce a number of documented health benefits: lower blood pressure and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. A cat can help with both loneliness and various forms of mental illness.

In Cat Power, the authors explore what cats have meant throughout history and why many people feel so good when owning a cat. Both authors have had long periods of illness in the family and have clearly experienced how the cats have shown the way to more peace, play and recovery. Cats bring out the most beautiful in us.

Inspired by the cat's 9 lives, you can learn to protect your privacy, enjoy more, and clear the way to make room for more play and joy.


200 pages



"This is wonderful... In this book I have learned a lot about cats. I am a cat person and I think you should read this book if you have a cat or if you are going to get a cat. This is a tribute to my cat.” - GoKväll, Swedish TV

"Cat Power is a really really good and well-written book! Science, research, nice language and a wonderful personal tone. Captivating and easy to take to heart." - SVT Babel, Swedish TV

"The text constantly breathes optimism and faith in the future, even though it also touches on dark subjects. A book that brings joy and that you will love." - BTJ, library services